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Attest Auto-reader 490G Operators Manual Rev B

Operators Manual

12 Pages

3M Attest 290G Auto-reader ™  ™  Operator’s Manual  Read and understand all safety information before using this product... Health Care   INTENDED USE  3 2 1  9 4  7  5  8  6  1... Cover Incubation/Reader Wells Crusher Well Red Light Positive (+) Indicator Yellow Light (•) Test In Progress Indicator  6... Green Light Negative (-) Indicator Buzzer Alarm OFF Button Digital Display Panel Time Remaining Button  Intended Use The 3MTM AttestTM 290G Auto-reader is designed to incubate and automatically read the 3MTM AttestTM 1294 Rapid Readout Biological Indicators (RRBI) for Ethylene Oxide (EO) at 37oC for a final negative fluorescence reading at 4 hours... he Attest 290G Auto-reader is also designed to allow for further incubation of the Attest 1294 RRBI for EO for visual pH color change of the growth media at 7 days... he 7-day incubation is not intended for routine use and may be used for special studies to confirm the validity of the fluorescent results... 3M © 2003 78-8083-0136-6  Page 1 of 9  A positive fluorescence reading indicates an EO gas sterilization process failure... he visual pH color change also indicates a sterilization process failure... owever, due to the high sensitivity of the 4-hour fluorescent results, there is no advantage to incubate the Attest 1294 RRBI for EO beyond 4 hours... ther biological indicators (BIs), are not compatible with this device and cannot be used... he unit is designed to be used only with the Power Supply module supplied by 3M... Attest 290G Auto-reader
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