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Elipar S10 Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

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ENGLISH  Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light Table of Contents Page Safety 1 Glossary of Symbols 2 Product Description 2 Fields of Application 3 Technical Data 3 Charger 3 Handpiece 3 Charger and Handpiece 4 Transport and Storage Conditions 4 Installation of the Unit 4 Factory Settings 4 Initial Steps 4 Charger 4 Light Guide/Handpiece 4 Inserting the Battery 4 Battery Charging 5 Operating Status Display of the Charger 5 Power Level Display of the Handpiece 5 Operation 5 Selection of Exposure Time 5 Activating and Deactivating the Light 6 Positioning the Light Guide 6 Removing and Inserting the Light Guide from/into the Handpiece 6 Measurement of Light Intensity 6 Sleep Mode 6 7 Acoustical Signals - Handpiece Troubleshooting 7 Maintenance and Care 8 Inserting/Removing the Battery 8 Handpiece/Battery Care 8 Cleaning the Light Guide 8 Clean Charger, Handpiece, and Glare Shield 9 Storage of the Handpiece during Extended Periods of Non-Use 9 Return of Old Electric and Electronic Equipment for Disposal 9 Collection 9 Return and Collection Systems 9 Meaning of the Symbols 10 Customer Information 10 Warranty 10 Limitation of Liability 10  Safety PLEASE NOTE! Prior to installation and start-up of the unit, please read these instructions carefully! As with all technical devices, the proper function and safe operation of this unit depend on the user’s compliance with the standard safety procedures as well as the specific safety recommendations presented in these Operating Instructions... se of the device is restricted to trained personnel in accordance with the instructions below... he manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage resulting from the use of this unit for any other purpose... rior to start-up of the unit make sure that the operating voltage stated on the rating plate is compatible with the available mains voltage... peration of the unit at a different voltage may damage the unit... osition the unit so that the power plug is accessible at all times... he power plug is used to turn the charger on and off... o disconnect the charger from the mains, remove the power plug from the electrical outlet... se only the 3M ESPE charger which is provided with the unit... he use of any other charger can result in damage to the battery... AUTION! Do not stare at source... ay be harmful to the eyes... xposure must be restricted to the area of the oral cavity in which clinical treatment is intended... rotect patient and user from reflection and intensive scattered light by taking the appropriate measures, e... , glare shield or coverings... AUTION! The Elipar S10 unit generates high intensity light... igh light intensity always involves the production of heat... he light emitted should be aimed directly above the material to be cured - exposure of the soft tissues (gingiva, oral mucosa, and skin) to high-intensity light should be avoided as such exposure may cause damage or irritation... f applicable, cover such areas... f exposure of soft tissues cannot be avoided, adjust the polymerization process to the light level, e... by shortening the polymerization times or increasing the distance between the light guide exit and the material to be cured... onger exposure in the region of the pulp can lead to injury or irritation of the pulp, which is why the specified exposure times must not be exceeded... lipar S10 may be operated only with the supplied light guide or original 3M ESPE Elipar S10 replacement light guide... he light guide has to be seen as an applied part... he use of other light guides may result in a reduction or increase in the light intensity... he product’s warranty does not cover any damage resulting from the use of third-party light guides...   en   en   ENGLISH  SEITE 1 - 148 x 210 mm - 44000185338/03 - SCHWARZ - 14-160 (sr)
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