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Ortholux Luminous Curing Light Instructions for Use March 2003

Instructions for Use

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Safety  Ortholux™ LED Curing Light  PLEASE NOTE! Prior to installation and start-up of the unit, please read these instructions carefully! As with all electrical devices, the proper function and safe operation of this unit depend on the user’s compliance with standard safety procedures as well as the specific safety recommendations presented in these operating instructions... he unit must be used in strict accordance with the following operating instructions... he manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage resulting from the use of this unit for any other purpose... he light must not be aimed at the eyes in order to avoid serious health consequences due to irradiation of the eyes... se eye shield... xposure must be restricted to the area of the oral cavity in which clinical treatment is intended... ndividuals with a history of cataract surgery may be particularly sensitive to exposure to light and should be discouraged from Ortholux™ LED Curing Light treatment unless adequate safety measures, such as the use of protective goggles to remove blue light, are undertaken... ndividuals with a history of retinal disease should seek advice from their ophthalmologist prior to operating the unit... n operating the Ortholux LED Curing Light unit, this group of individuals must take extreme care and comply with any and all safety precautions (including the use of suitable lightfiltering safety goggles)... o not use Ortholux LED Curing Light on patients with a history of photobiological reactions (including individuals with urticaria solaris or erythropoetic protoporphyria) or who are currently on photosensitizing medication (including 8methoxypsoralen or dimethylchlorotetracycline)... rtholux LED Curing Light must not be used on patients, or by users, with heart pacemaker implants who have been advised to be cautious with regard to their exposure to small electrical devices... AUTION! The Ortholux LED Curing Light unit generates high intensity light... he light emitted should be aimed directly above the material to be cured - exposure of the soft tissues (gingiva, oral mucosa, and skin) to high-intensity light should be avoided as such exposure may cause injury or irritation... f applicable, cover such areas... f exposure of soft tissues cannot be avoided, adjust the polymerization process to minimize exposure to soft tissue, e...  by shortening the polymerization times or increasing the distance between the light guide exit and the material to be cured... Fast-Curing Cordless LED Light  Table of Contents Page Safety 2 Glossary of Symbols 3 Product Description 3 Fields of Application 4 Technical Data 4 Charger 4 Handpiece 4 Charger and Handpiece 4 Transport and Storage Conditions 4 Installation of the Unit 4 Factory Settings 4 Initial Steps 4 Charger 5 Light Guide/Handpiece 5 Insert the Battery 5 LED Display of the Charger 5 Table Holder for the Handpiece 5 Operation 6 Selection of Exposure Time 6 Orthodontic Bonding with 3M Unitek Adhesives 6 Removing and Inserting the Light Guide from/into the Handpiece 6 Measurement of Light Intensity 7 Low Battery Charge Display 7 Power-Down Mode 7 Acoustical Signals 7 Troubleshooting 8 Maintenance and Care 8 Replacement of the Battery 8 Handpiece/Battery Care 9 Cleaning the Light Guide 9 Clean Charger, Handpiece, Table Holder, and Eye Shield 9 Storage of the Handpiece during Extended Periods of Non-Use 9 Disposal 9 Customer Information 9 Warranty 9 Limitation of Liability 9  English  2  ENGLISH  ENGLISH
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