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RotoMix Operating Instructions Dec 2011

Operating Instructions

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1... afety  ENGLISH  RotoMix™ Rotating Capsule Mixing Device  Table of Contents  Page  1... afety  1  2... roduct Description  2  3... echnical Data  2  4... nstallation 4... Setting the Operating Mode 4... Setting the Mixing Time 4... Changing the Basic Settings  2 3 3 3  5... peration 5... Inserting the Capsule 5... Mixing 5... Removal of the Capsule  3 3 3 3  6... otes  3  7... rrors  4  8... aintenance and Care  4  9... eturn of Old Electric and Electronic Equipment for Disposal 9... Collection 9... Return and Collection Systems 9... Meaning of the Symbols  4 4 4 4  10... ustomer Information 10... Warranty 10... Limitation of Liability  4 4 4  CAUTION! Please read these instructions carefully before you set up and start the device... s with all technical equipment, this unit will function properly and be safe to operate only if both the general safety regulations and the specific safety instructions laid out in these Operating Instructions are followed... he unit must be operated in accordance with the following instructions... e accept no liability for any damage arising from use of the unit for any other purpose... rior to setting-up the device, ensure that the voltage stated on the rating plate is identical to the available main voltage... se of the device at different voltages may lead to the destruction of the unit... he unit must be operated with the cover intact and closed, otherwise, there is a risk of injury... he cover must not be opened until the capsule holder has come to a complete stop... nly the capsule to be mixed but no other objects may be present in the space below the cover prior to initiating the mixing cycle... lacement or operation of the unit on non-level surfaces is not permissible... ransferring the unit from a low to a higher ambient temperature, there may be a hazard due to condensation of water on the device... ence, the unit should only be operated once it is fully equilibrated with the ambient temperature... or operation of the unit, connect the main plug to an adequate electrical socket with grounded lead... f an extension cable is used, ensure that the grounded lead is not interrupted... n order to prevent electrical shock hazards do not insert any objects into the unit with the exception of replacement parts properly installed in accordance with the present instructions... 0... f there is any reason to believe that the safety of the device may be compromised the unit must be taken out of operation and labelled appropriately to ensure the device is not inadvertently used by another person... he safety may be compromised, for example, when the unit fails to function properly or shows visible signs of damage... 1... he device should be opened and repairs be carried out only by qualified personnel... 2... nly adequately labelled original 3M ESPE replacement parts may be used in the repair and maintenance of this unit... ny damage resulting from the use of third-party replacement parts voids the liability of 3M Deutschland GmbH... 3... o not attempt to operate this unit by bypassing the protective mechanisms (e...  by turning off the automatic shut-off switch on the cover of the unit)... iolation of the safety regulations may cause serious injury and voids all warranties and guarantees... 1  en   en   ENGLISH  SEITE 1 - 148 x 210 mm - 44000182079/01 - SCHWARZ - 11-582 (sr)
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