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i-STAT 1 Technical Bulletin Downloader - Recharger Rev Date March 2014

Technical Bulletin

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TABLE OF CONTENTS										 SECTION TITLE Identification of the New i-STAT 1 Downloader/Recharger Specifications of the DRC-300 Power Supply Specifications DRC Indicator LEDs Power Requirements Cautions Running Cartridges in a Handheld Docked in the DRC DRC Effect on Ambient Operating Temperature Range Transmitting Data from the DRC to the Data Manager Transmitted Information Charging Batteries Before Use Rechargeable Battery Life Charging a Rechargeable Battery While Installed in the Handheld Charging a Rechargeable Battery in the External Recharge Compartment Configuring the i-STAT 1 DRC for Network Operation Connecting and Wiring the DRC for Network Communication  PAGE NUMBER 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4  5 5 5 5 6 6 6 13  Configuring the i-STAT 1 DRC for Serial Operation  14  Option 1: Installation Using Windows Hardware Wizard  14  Option 2: Installation Using a Driver Installer File  16  Connecting and Wiring the DRC for Serial Communication USB Driver Uninstallation Configuring the CDS Software for Serial Communication  19 19 20  IDENTIFICATION OF THE NEW i-STAT 1 DOWNLOADER/RECHARGER		 Previously, there were two separate versions of the i-STAT 1 Downloader/Recharger; one with serial connection capabilities to the Data Manager (DRS) and one with network connection capabilities to the Data Manager (DRN)... o distinguish the new DRC from the previous DRS and DRN downloader/recharger versions, look at the Model Number label on the underside of the downloader/recharger... he new downloader/recharger will have a MN DRC-300 (Figure 1)... 						Figure 1 2  Art: 728690-00F  Rev... ate: 14-Mar-14
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