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i-STAT Procedure Manual Oct 2015

Procedure Manual

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PROCEDURE MANUAL FOR THE i-STAT SYSTEM  Procedure Manual for the i-STAT® System  This Procedure Manual is intended to be a template for the Procedure Manual required by CLIA and laboratory accreditation bodies... his Procedure Manual should be customized for site-specific policies and procedures... his Procedure Manual is not intended to replace the System Manual... i-STAT is a registered trademark of the Abbott Group of Companies in various jurisdictions... REV... ATE: 23-Oct-15  ART: 714446-00T   PROCEDURE MANUAL FOR THE i-STAT SYSTEM CONTENTS SYSTEM OVERVIEW ...  i-STAT 1 Analyzer Analysis Time Cartridges Central Data Station or Data Manager SUPPLIES AND STORAGE REQUIREMENTS ... 1-2 Cartridges Controls BLOOD SPECIMENS ... -5 Blood Collection Equipment Blood Volume Suitable Specimens Specimen Labeling Specimen Collection and Handling Criteria for Specimen Rejection Precautions PROCEDURE FOR ANALYSIS ... 10 Preparation for Use Customizing the i-STAT Handheld to Run i-STAT Cartridges Procedure for Cartridge Testing Alternative Procedure RESULTS ... -18 Calculations Displayed Results Suppressed Results Printing and Transmitting Results Reference Ranges, Reportable Ranges, and Test Unit Conversion Critical Results Interferences QUALITY CONTROL ... 19-25 Daily Procedures Monthly Procedures Periodic Procedures for Cartridges CALIBRATION ... 5 CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE ... 6-29 PRINCIPLES OF MEASUREMENT... -32 REFERENCES ...  32 LOGS ... -vi  REV... ATE: 23-Oct-15  ART: 714446-00T
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