Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Sedation Systems

Digital Ultra Nitrous Oxide Sedation Guide


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-1-  INFORMATION FOR NITROUS OXIDE SEDATION GETTING STARTED Before you do, check that both the Oxygen (02) and Nitrous Oxide (N20) cylinders are connected to the Accutron flowmeter unit via the regulators mounted on the cylinders... 2 and N20 GAS CYLINDERS Check contents... urn ON one cylinder at the time... xygen – should read – Green is FULL and when on Red it is EMPTY... itrous Oxide – Only drops when 70% Empty (this is because Nitrous Oxide is in liquid form)... hen it reaches the white line Indicating 70% empty, you will have approx...  hrs usage left... mportant note: All Accutron flowmeters machine have an inbuilt fail-safe system set at minimum of 30% Oxygen delivery meaning that never at any one time will you be able to deliver above 70% of Nitrous Oxide gas ensuring that your patient will never be unconscious... CAVENGING TUBING CIRCUIT... onnect the scavenging hose from the machine to the vacuum hose by way of the adaptor (supplied)... PATIENT NASAL HOOD... elect the appropriate hood for your patient refer to Hood sizes and scents)... ake sure the inhalation circuit is complete... ow turn on the 100% Oxygen supply to 8 l/min whilst you fit the hood over the patient’s nose... his is so the patient will feel comfortable breathing through the nasal hood, prior to introduction of Nitrous Oxide...  -2-  THE ACCUTRON DIGITAL ULTRA FLOWMETER The right side TOTAL FLOW -/+ controls TOTAL FLOW of both 02 and N20 gases... y increasing the TOTAL FLOW , the machine will commence gas flow as indicated by the LPM display... ote if Nitrous Oxide flow is set to 0%, only oxygen will be administrated to the patient... he left side % N2O -/+ controls how much Nitrous Oxide gas you are administering, This being in % concentration and as indicated on the Main Blue LED display as adjusted with the -/+ controls The right side TOTAL FLOW control then allows you to vary the total flow rate of both O2 and N20 in proportion to the % N20 as set of the left side lever... For example, the respiratory rate of the Patient will be higher at commencement of administration... s they are becoming sedated their respiratory rate will decrease... his can be compensated by reducing the right side TOTAL FLOW control as indicated by the Reservoir Bag (see below) You can see the differing rates of 02 and N20 being administered on the smaller LED readouts on the middle bottom of the unit... hese will vary based on the TOTAL FLOW Adjustment and the % N20 being delivered... ote... nce you have attained the correct dosage for that patient, record the numbers on their record card for future use... ESERVOIR BAG... he Breathing Bag (or Reservoir bag) on the Sedation unit is for monitoring the patient’s respiratory volume compared to the total flow coming for the Flowmeter... n other words, it is indicating if the machine is set to provide enough gas flow to suit the patient’s breathing... f the bag is empty, the gas flow rate from the flowmeter is set too low for the patient... f the bag is full the flow rate may be set to high, allowing you to reduce the total flow setting at the unit to compensate... deally you want the bag to be approximately 1/2 to 2/3 full and constant... emember that the respiratory rate of the patient will vary over the administration, especially at the onset of the Nitrous Oxide gas flow as the sedative effect starts... OOM AIR OVERRIDE... his is a special valve which opens and allows the patient to breathe room air should gas flow from the machine be too low (indicated by the empty Reservoir Bag) to avoid diffusion hypoxia... his is a safety feature... HE O2 FLUSH is an important Safety Feature that allows you to provide 100% Oxygen to the Patient at high concentration for as long as the operator holds the O2 flush button... his provides immediate reversion of the Nitrous Oxide Sedation Effect through administration of Oxygen only... his overrides any other setting on the Flowmeter unit for as long as the O2 flush button is pressed, which in case of an emergency should be held until the patient is returned to full consciousness...
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