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VENTILATION BEYOND LIMITS  fabian HFO with Masimo SET®  Pulse Oximetry from Masimo SET® is now available as new feature in the fabian HFO The integration of Masimo SET® with ACUTRONIC’s ventilator fabian HFO is offering new options for caregivers. Masimo SET® is widely used and has set new standards in the world of SpO 2 measurement. ® Due to its excellent built-in algorithms, Masimo SET is able to provide accurate SpO 2 values, pulse rates and Perfusion Index (PI) even under the most challenging patient conditions, such as patient motion, low perfusion, low signal amplitude, or intense ambient light. Conditions commonly found in the neonatology arena. It is the main reason, why ACUTRONIC has selected Masimo as their preferred provider of SpO 2 . The fabian HFO is the first dedicated neonatology ventilator in the world to offer an intelligent integration of the SpO 2 feature. In a first step it will directly improve the workflow for caregivers. Instead of using two units, they now can simply attach the Pulse Oximetry sensor via USB interface to the fabian HFO and display the SpO 2 values on the ventilator screen. This will save the clinicians more for the patient and allows an even better treatment. ACUTRONIC is aiming to provide our customers additional innovative advantages, by introducing closed-loop, or near-closed-loop features in our products in the near future. ACUTRONIC – Ventilation Beyond Limits. More information: or  Rev. 1.0  TDS – fabian HFO with Masimo SET®  1/5
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