Best Neb Instructions and Warranty Card

Instructions and Warranty Card

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• • •  a) Connect pump to 240 volt power supply. b) Place medication into nebulizer bowl. c) Attach one end of the tubing to the nebulizer bowl and the other end to the pump. d) Fit the mask or the mouth piece to the top of the nebulizer bowl and place the mast on your face or the mouth piece in your mouth. e) Switch on the pump and breathe normally through your mouth. When the bowl has stopped nebulizing turn the unit off.  POWER VOLTAGE FUSE WEIGHT DIMENSIONS DYNAMIC FLOW WITH NEBULIZER SOUND LEVEL AT 1 METRE PARTICLE SIZE AVERAGE RATE (nebulizer)  100 WATTS 240 V 50 HZ 1.6 AMP 2.4 KG 275 X 200 X 100 MM 6.5 LPM 56 dBa .5 - 5 MICRON 1 ML / 5 MIN  TECHNICAL INFORMATION  L.R. INSTRUMENTS PTY LTD RINGWOOD VIC 3134  Warranty claims or service requirement enquiries should be directed to the place of purchase or to: L.R. INSTRUMENTS PTY LTD VIC (03) 9870 7066 or 1800 337 048  Does not cover accessories, filters or damage due to misuse or negligence. Home Use: 5 year warranty Hospitals and Medical Centres: 2 year warranty  CONTACT PHONE NUMBER A.H. _____________________  WARRANTY  a) After each use, dismantle the nebulizer bowl for cleaning in warm water. b) Wash the mask, mouth piece and bowl in warm water. (Never boil your accessories). Rinse and place to side to dry. c) Do not wipe your nebulizer bowl with a cloth or tissue as lint may lodge in the jets. d) Replace your nebulizer bowl every 4-6 months depending on use and condition. e) Wipe spills off pump housing with a damp cloth.  CARE INSTRUCTIONS  SERIAL NUMBER: _________________________  a) Check the age of your bowl if it is frequently used (i.e.. 4 times per day). It should be replaced every 4-6 months. b) Check inlet filter for blockage or dicolouration. If it is discoloured, replace with a new one from your BESTNEB stockist. c) Make sure air supply tubing is not kinked or broken. d) Check that the centre jet in the nebulizer is not blocked or damaged. If it is, soak it in water and clean thoroughly. Do not push a pin into the jet as this will cause damage. If jet is damaged, replace complete bowl. e) Ensure that centre jet is in place in your bowl.  If the bowl is taking a long time to nebulize your medication or is misting poorly:  NEBULIZER BOWL PROBLEM SOLVING  • •  Do not use the pump on a bed, on carpet or on a soft surface, as the units air vents may become blocked.  Do not block the air vents at any time during operation. Do not operate the pump if the power cord is frayed or damaged in any way. Do not use where oxygen or other flammable gases are present. Keep your pump clear of water at all times. Electrical products that fall into water should be turned off and the plug removed from the power point before they are retrieved. Do not store or use this unit near water.  SAFETY INFORMATION  INSTRUCTIONS  INSTRUCTION AND WARRANTY CARD  BESTNEB WARRANTY  PLEASE COMPLETE IF RETURNING UNIT UNDER A WARRANTY CLAIM PROOF OF PURCHASE MUST ACCOMPANY ANY WARRANTY CLAIM  NAME: ______________________________________________________________________  ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________  SUBURB: __________________________ STATE: _________ POST CODE: ____________  DATE OF PURCHASE: __________________  PLACE OF PURCHASE: ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ B.H. ________________________
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