MONNAL T60 Technical note Updates to sw ver V2.5.x April 2018


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| Monnal T60 | Technical note Technical note: NT_679EN_1 Date: 26/04/2018 Product: Monnal T60 (KA010000), Monnal T60 JP (KA013700) Serial no.: below MT60-06000 Reference maintenance manual: YM031000 V1.5 Recipients: Product Manager, Project Manager, Regional Sales directors, Export Applications Engineers, Regional Technical Managers, approved Maintenance Technicians and Service Providers whose fleet of devices is affected by the update. Approved by: ● Christoph Rottmann, Project Manager ● Sébastien Duclos, DSPF Technical Expert ● Salah Elkah, DSPF Technical Unit Manager ● Mickael Jouve, DSPF Director  This technical note describes the updates and corrections of the new software version V2.5.0 of the Monnal T60 ventilator. A new version 7 of the user manual is available and should be provided with any updated units (please contact us to receive it in the desired language). Application conditions Air Liquide Medical Systems recommends updating the Monnal T60 units during the next preventive or corrective maintenance operation. Prerequisites: This update should be performed by a person trained in maintenance of the Monnal T60 device, provided that they have acknowledged the general safety instructions set out in the user manual in force, that they have the necessary equipment and that they have read this technical note in full.
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