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Afinion AS100 Analyzer User Manual Rev A March 2017

User Manual

292 Pages

TABLE OF CONTENTS  Table of contents INTRODUCTION  ANALYZER SYSTEM DESCRIPTION  Intended use of the Alere Afinion™ AS100 Analyzer System  5  About this User Manual  5  Examining the package contents  5  Description of the Alere Afinion™ AS100 Analyzer  6  Description of the Alere Afinion™ Test Cartridge  7  How the Alere Afinion™ AS100 Analyzer System works  8  Internal process control  8  The Analyzer self-test  8  The fail-safe mechanisms  8  External process control  GETTING STARTED  CONFIGURATION  8  Operator ID  8  Quality Control lockout  8  Calibration  8  Installing your Analyzer  9  Connecting power supply  9  Connecting additional equipment  9  How to switch ON the Analyzer  10  How to switch OFF the Analyzer  10  How to operate the Analyzer  11  Alere Afinion™ menues  12  Setting the configuration  13  Patient ID configuration  13  Patient ID enable/disable Operator configuration  QUALITY CONTROL  8  Patients ID  13 14  Operator ID enable/disable  14  Operator login expiration  14  Operator management  14  Copy operator list  15  Choosing regional settings  15  Setting date and time  15  Adjusting screen/beeper settings  16  General settings menu  16  QC lockout configuration  17  Select assay type  17  QC lockout  17  QC lockout interval  17  Control lot database  17  Why quality control testing?  18  Choosing control material  18  Handling and testing controls  18  Frequency of control testing  18 Table of contents continues on next page  EN | 3
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