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Dialflow Regulator Instructions for Use May 2014

Instructions for Use

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Dialflow Regulator Instructions for Use  702-0030...  May 2014   1... Symbols Warning!  Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in personal injury to the user or others  Caution!  Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in damage to the equipment or property Attention, consult accompanying documents  Use no oil  0120  CE Marked to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC as amended by directive 2007/47/CE  No smoking  Service due date  1304X12345 YYMM  2...   Date of manufacture identification  Warnings and Cautions Warnings!    Read through this entire instruction manual before using or showing others how to use a Dialflow Regulator... s with all medical equipment, attempting to use this device without a thorough understanding of its operation may result in patient or user injury...   Medical gases are, or should be considered, drugs and may be used in critical treatments... edical gases should only be used for medical purposes on the authority of a physician or authorised clinician and then strictly in accordance with their instructions...   Oxygen is not flammable; however an oxygen enriched atmosphere will drastically increase the rate and severity of combustion... il and/or grease in the presence of an oxygen enriched atmosphere will become highly combustible... xygen must never be allowed to come into contact with oil, grease or other hydrocarbon or petrochemical based substances... o not use oil or grease on Dialflow Regulators...   Never administer oxygen while smoking or when near an open flame...   Oxygen therapy may be a critical treatment...  regulated flowmeter should be used in strict accordance with the prescription and instructions of a physician... he effectiveness of supplemental oxygen therapy can only be determined by continuous monitoring of blood oxygen levels... t is essential that PaO2 or SpO2 monitoring is carried out when supplemental oxygen is prescribed...
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