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C7200, C7400, C7400ER Quick Reference Guide English Rev 2

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9. Menu  Quick Reference Guide For Cadex C7200-C, C7400-C and C7400ER-C Battery Analyzers — Firmware Version 1.00  MENU  System Security  ENTER ESC  System Setup  ENTER  Set Security ChangePassw ord  Serial Port Device  ESC  Serial Port Settings  Select Security Level  Connect the unit to the correct voltage and turn power on. The power switch is located on the back of the unit.  Disabled BatteryShop Terminal Label Maker Printer Baud Rate: Handshake; Data Bits; Stop Bits; Parity  Calibrate Adapter Calibrate Voltage Pow er Fail Resume Hours Date/Time  Program Settings ENTER ESC  OptionControls  Custom Programs Self Discharge Rest Ohmtest Setpoints Automatic Ohmtest Runtime Settings Charge Optimization LifeCycle Counter dT/dt Termination  ENTER  Company Name  ESC  Battery Startup Prog/Target Changes Sound Control Sound Check Voltage Display Set Service Counter Clear Service Counter Quick Results Recalibration Counter  PrintUtilities  ENTER ESC  Event Log  ENTER ESC  Battery Service Report Battery Label System Setup Report Adapter Setup Report Auto-Print View Event Log Print Event Log Clear Event Log Events to Log  1. Getting Started  EMPTY  EMPTY  EMPTY  Auto  QuickTest  Prime  NO ADAPT  Global start-up display shows status and selected programs. Insert battery only on EMPTY. (Display sample of 4-station unit)  2. Viewing and Changing Settings To view settings, press station key in EMPTY mode. To return to global display, press Esc key or wait for 30 seconds. Program to edit: Custom 1-4 Hours  S1 *C1  Yes/No  Pgm: Auto  Type: Li  Time/Capacity  Target: 80% T  Volts: 3.60  mAh: 600  Pressing station key shows program, Target Capacity and C-Code. QuickTest matrix is present (T).  Each Battery Adapter contains up to 10 individual battery settings (C-Codes). Ask for Battery ID#: Yes/No Ask for Battery C-Code: Yes/No Per: C-Code Per: Station Key Press Sound: Yes/No Alert Sounds: Yes/No Volts/Cell: Yes/No Yes/No  To choose a C-Code, select station, scroll to desired location with the ST Direction keys and press Enter twice. The star [*] indicates the default setting. To choose another C-Code, press station key again, scroll to desired location and press Enter twice. To select another program, press station key, press Edit, apply changes with ST and press Enter. To change the Target Capacity, press station key, then Edit. Go to Target with X, make changes with ST or number keys and press Enter. To create or modify C-Code, press station key, select C-Code to be modified with ST and press Edit. Go to lower line by pressing X twice. Change settings with ST. Move to extended C-Code settings (if needed) using WX. Press Enter to save the changes.  Label/Service Report  To erase a C-Code, select C-Code to be erased and press Fn-0.  AdvancedApplications Refer to User's Manual  To reset extended C-Code to default setting, select C-Code and press Fn-1. To erase QuickTest matrix, select C-Code and press Fn-2. Note: Reprogramming a C-Code will erase the matrix. To protect against tampering, activate System Security with menu.  Cadex Electronics Inc. 22000 Fraserwood Way, Richmond, BC, Canada, V6W 1J6 Tel: 604 231-7777; 1-800 565-5228; Fax: 604 231-7755 Internet:; Web:  July 2007 Revision 2 Printed in Canada PSMAN0051  Warning: Always use the correct C-Code to service a battery. A wrong setting may cause damage to the battery, fire or explosion.
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