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C7200, C7400, C7400ER Voltage Calibration Guide Feb 2006

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C-SERIES: C7200-C, C7400-C and C7400ER-C Voltage Calibration Guide The C7200-C, C7400-C and C7400ER-C Battery Analyzer needs periodic calibration to compensate for component drift due to aging.  IMPORTANT NOTE This kit is for the C-SERIES analyzer only: C7200-C, C7400-C and C7400ER-C. Please contact your representative to calibrate the C7000, C7200, C7400 AND C7400ER. Voltage Calibration Kit This kit calibrates the following Cadex Battery Analyzers: • C7200-C, C7400-C and C7400ER-C with all firmware revisions The kit consists of Four Voltage Calibration Adapters This Guide One Calibration Certificate  Part No. 07-130-0001 Part No. 89-204-1022 This certificate assures that the analyzer calibration is traceable to a national standard. This certificate is valid for three years, is renewable and covers all analyzers that are calibrated.  C7200-C, C7400-C & C7400ER-C Voltage Calibration Procedure 1. Turn ON the analyzer. 2. When the global screen is displayed, firmly insert the Voltage Calibration Adapte rs, one in each station (the C7200-C battery analyzer requires only two Voltage Calibration Adapters). 3. Press the MENU key. 4. Scroll to SYSTEM SETUP by pressing the ? key several times and press ENTER. 5. Scroll to ‘Calibrate Voltage’. 6. Press ENTER to begin calib ration. The calibration process takes about 5 seconds. 7. Remove the Voltage Calibration Adapters when instructed on the screen. 8. Press the Menu key to return to the Global screen. 9. Press and release the Fn key, then press the number 7 to display the startup s creen. The “#” should appear in the upper right corner to indicate a successful calibration. 10. The analyzer is now voltage calibrated. 11. Perform Adapter/Station Calibration. Refer to the C7200-C, C7400-C and C7400ER-C Users Manual for adapter/station calibration instructions.  Calibration Schedule •  Voltage Calibration: Using this kit, calibrate the C7200-C, C7400-C and C7400ER-C once a year to maintain performance specifications.  •  Adapter/Station Calibration: Refer to the C7200-C, C7400-C and C7400ER-C Users Manual for adapter calibration.  •  Recalibrating the Voltage Calibration Adapters: Return the voltage calibration kit to the factory every three years for recalibration and recertification. Contact Cadex or e -mail for a cost estimate and a Return Authorization.  Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in the European Union  This symbol on the product and package indicates that this product must not be disposed with unsorted municipal waste. Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose of WEEE by handing it over to a designated collection point for the disposal. The separate collection and recycling of waste equipment will help conserve natural resources and ensure that it is disposed in a manner that protects human health and the environment. For more information about where you can drop off your waste equipment for disposal, please contact your local municipal office, waste disposal service or where you purchased the product.  Cadex Electronics Inc. 22000 Fraserwood Way, Richmond, B.C. Canada V6W 1J6 Tel: 1-604-231-7777 Fax: 1-604-231-7755  Document: PSMAN0049a.doc February 14, 2006 Part Number: 89-204-1022
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