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Cadex 7x00 Series Battery Analyzer Recording and Interpreting Data Logging Guide May 2001


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Cadex Electronics Inc. 22000 Fraserwood Way, Richmond, BC Canada V6W 1J6 Tel: 604 231-7777 Fax: 604 231-7750 Toll-Free: 1 800 565-5228 (USA & Canada) Web: E-mail:  Battery Maintenance Solutions  Recording and Interpreting Data Logging from a Cadex 7x00 Series Battery Analyzer May 4, 2001 The Cadex 7x00 Series Battery Analyzers provides detailed data logs that can be recorded on a PC and used for further analysis. The data log is a text string produced every minute or at any time there is a change in status of battery service. It provides detailed information such as the station in service, date, time, fault code, voltage, current, capacity and program. All data is sent through the analyzer’s 9-pin serial port. There are three steps in order to be able to record the data: 1. Set up the analyzer to provide terminal data through its serial port. In the Cadex 7000, the serial port device should be set to “Computer”; in the Cadex 7200 & 7400, the serial port device should be set to “Terminal” 2. Use the correct cable. 3. Setup a program to read data from a PC serial port. In this document, Hyperterminal is used as an example to obtain the data. A.  Set the Cadex Analyzer to Output Service Data 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.  On the analyzer, hit the <MENU> key, use the <UP> or <DOWN> arrow keys to go to “System Setup” and press <ENTER>. Scroll to “Serial Port Device” and press <ENTER>. At the prompt scroll through the options and select “Terminal”, press <ENTER> to confirm the change and press <ENTER> again to save settings. Note: Setting the serial port device to terminal does not allow you to print labels or reports. The display should go back to the menu tree indicating “Serial Port Device”. Press <DOWN> key to get “Serial Port Settings”. Check or change the serial port to the following and press <ENTER> to save the settings: Baud Rate: 9600 Handshake: None Data Bits: 8 Stop Bits: 1 Parity: None  6.  Hit <ESC> several times to exit the menu to return to the global display.  B. Use a correct serial cable It is important to use the correct serial cable when connecting a C7200 to your PC for service. A straight serial cable will not work; the pin configuration is as follows: DB9 2 (RD) 3 (TD) 8 (CTS) 7 (RTS) 5 (SG)  DB25 2 (TD) 3 (RD) 4 (RTS)  DB9 2 (RD) 3 (TD) 8 (CTS)  DB9 3 (TD) 2 (RD) 7 (RTS)  5 (CTS)  7 (RTS)  8 (CTS)  7 (SG)  5 (SG)  5 (SG)  Connect the 9-pin port to the serial 9-pin port of the analyzer. Connect the 25-pin or 9-pin end to the serial port of your PC. If you wish to purchase DB9-to-25 cable, please reference Cadex part number 68-9310001. C. Set the Communication Program to Read a Serial Port 1. 2.  In Windows, go to the Hyperterminal directory located in ‘Start’ -> ‘Programs’ -> ‘Accessories’ -> ‘Hyperterminal’. Double click on the ‘Hypertrm’ icon. Enter a name. In this example, we shall call it ‘C7x00 Connection’ and click ‘OK’. Page 1 of 3
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