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CEL-283 Impulse Handbook Dec 2005


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Casella USA 17 Old Nashua Road #15 Amherst, NH 03031-2839  CEL-283 Impulse Integrating Sound Level Meter  Handbook www... sellausa... m info@casellausa... m  Page 1 of 6 23 Dec 2005  tel: (800) 366-2966 fax: (603) 672-8053  Download More PDF From www... anSafety... m   Casella USA 17 Old Nashua Road #15 Amherst, NH 03031-2839  Introduction  Preparation of the Instrument  In line with the requirements of the new International Standard for sound level meters (IEC 651), the CEL-283 has been designed as a full specification type 2 instrument... t also meets the DIN Standard 46 633 and ANSI SIAM as well as other national standards... s an addition to the full range of facilities expected of a conventional sound level meter the CEL-283 also has long term integrating facilities enabling a direct readout of Leq values to be obtained... he instrument will therefore be found a valuable tool by all those charged with a responsibility to control either industrial or environmental noise... The battery compartment is located in the rear of the instrument and is accessible when the two retaining screws have been removed... he batteries should be connected to the two flying leads and placed in the battery compartment before replacing the cover... o check the batteries the ON/OFF switch should be set to the battery position and the meter should then indicate within the scale banded 'batt' if they have sufficient charge to operate the instrument correctly... he batteries must be removed if either becomes discharged or if the instrument is not going to be used for some time... s an alternative to the primary cells provided, nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries type RS 591 089 may be used with this instrument...  suitable charger for these NiCad batteries is the type RS 691 067 which must be specified separately... Schedule of Parts The instrument is normally provided as a complete measurement kit under the part number CEL-283/K1 and this comprises the following individual items: CEL-283 CEL-184 CEL-3379 CEL-3435 CEL-2962 6F22 D 3380 RS 1  Integrating Impulse Sound Level Meter Acoustic Calibrator Coupler Pistol grip and hand strap Foam windshield Batteries (3 off) Carrying Case Screwdriver  If the sound level meter only is required it is specified as CEL-283/X and, in this instance, the zip case type CEL-3341 is provided in place of the accessories listed above... t is also recommended that the windshield type CEL-3482 be used with the X version as it may be accommodated within the zip case... nother useful accessory for use with these instruments is the CEL-3435 pistol grip and hand strap that makes for more convenient use of the instrument... www... sellausa... m info@casellausa... m  Page 2 of 6 23 Dec 2005  tel: (800) 366-2966 fax: (603) 672-8053  Download More PDF From www... anSafety... m
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