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MIDOGAS Instructions for Use Issue 1 Sept 2007

Instructions for Use

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MIDOGAS ANALGESIC SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1... INTRODUCTION This manual is intended to provide users with information on the features, testing, use and care of the Midogas Analgesic System... ny potential user of a Midogas Analgesic System should carefully read the contents of this manual to ensure that they are fully conversant with all the information on the testing, use and care of the apparatus before attempting to use it... INTENDED USES The intended purpose of the Midogas Analgesic System is providing analgesia (pain relief) to patients by self-controlled demand inhalation of an adjustable ratio mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen... he Midogas should be used only in accordance with clinical or medical advice and by persons instructed and familiar with basic medical gas handling... idogas should only be supplied from pressure regulated medical Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide gas systems... etails of the performance of the Midogas unit is given in Section 10 Specifications... GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Midogas Analgesic system is a demand inhalation unit for the self-administration of a variable analgesic gas mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen... t consists of a wall mounted gas mixing and pressure regulating unit supplying mixed gas in the chosen ratio via a flexible hose to a handpiece incorporating a patient Mask and exhale valve... he Midogas operates on the demand principle (intermittent flow)... or self administration, the patient simply holds the mask over the nose and mouth... nhalation triggers the flow of mixed gas, which automatically cuts off when inspiration ceases... he gas flow remains shut during exhalation... n exhale valve in the handpiece allows the patient to exhale without the need to remove the mask... as passages and circuitry allow adequate flow for the most vigorous inhalation, thus breathing remains unobstructed at all times... he Midogas requires connection to sources of regulated pressure medical Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide gases at 400 kPa, i...  medical gas pipeline systems, or alternatively medical pressure regulators fitted with SIS outlets to AS 2896... o prevent accidental connection to an incorrect gas supply, sleeve indexing to SIS in AS 2896 is used for the inlet hose connections of the Midogas, as well as for the gas hoses supplied with the unit... he gas hoses supplied are also colour coded (white for Oxygen and blue for Nitrous Oxide)... MIDOGAS INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE  Page 1 of 8   A lever is used to set the desired mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen... he Nitrous Oxide concentration is variable between 0% and 75%, with the Oxygen concentration automatically adjusted to between 100 % and 25% ensuring the patient receives gas with an adequate concentration of Oxygen even at the maximum Nitrous Oxide setting... he Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen ratio is indicated by a graduated percentage scale with graphical indication alongside the lever, colour coded for each gas (white for Oxygen, blue for Nitrous Oxide)...  whistle alarm is incorporated to indicate loss of pressure in the Oxygen supply to the unit... t the same time a pneumatically operated valve opens to admit fresh air to the patient connection, ensuring gas supply with a minimum 10% Oxygen... n emergency Oxygen push button allows full Oxygen supply to the hose in case of emergencies...  PARTS IDENTIFICATION 4... Contents of the package  Midogas Wall unit  Handpiece  Mask, Adult Size 5  Antistatic corrugated Tube, 1 metre long  Antistatic Tube adaptor  Oxygen Hose Assembly, 2 metre long, SIS handwheel connectors  Nitrous Oxide Hose Assembly, 2 metre long, SIS handwheel connectors  Wall mounting bracket  Handpiece Hanging Hook  Instructions for Use 4... Description of the controls (Refer to Figure 1) All controls are accessible from the front panel layout and are as follows:  Inlet hose connections for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide  Master rotating ON-OFF switch: Controls the operation of the unit, by simultaneously switching On or Off both gases, eliminating the possibility of only one gas being supplied...  Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide mixture control lever and graduated Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide percentage Scale... he Slide lever adjusts the gas mixture between 25% Oxygen (minimum safety locked percentage)/75% Nitrous Oxide and 100% Oxygen/25% Nitrous Oxide...  Emergency Oxygen button: When pressed, this delivers 100% Oxygen at approximately 30 litres/min to the patient outlet circuit...  Audible whistle alarm: Indicates that there is no Oxygen supply and that the emergency Fresh Air valve has opened  Outlet to patient circuit: Connection for the corrugated hose to the Handpiece and patient Mask... MIDOGAS INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE  Page 2 of 8
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