SERIES-O Medical Gas Regulator

Comweld Healthcare Products Catalogue Jan 2004

Healthcare Products Catalogue

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INTRODUCTION A major medical product manufacturer since the 1920’s,  CONTENTS OXYGEN THERAPY  Comweld Medical designs and manufactures high profile  Ezi-Flow™ Flowmeter  2  healthcare products used extensively in Australian and  Gauge Flowmeter and Humidifier  3  overseas markets... arket leaders such as Oxy-Viva™  Series-O™ Regulators  4  Resuscitators, Twin-O-Vac™ Suction units, Series-O™  Multe-Flow™ Piston Regulators  5  Regulators and EZI-FLOW™ Flowmeters are some of the  Twin-O-Vac™ Multi Purpose Device  6  key medical products designed and manufactured by CIGWELD at the Preston, Victoria facility... CIGWELD’s commitment to designing products that totally satisfy customer requirements is supported by state-of-theart facilities and technical expertise at its Australian  SUCTION Attachments  7  Suction Regulators  10  Accessory Products  11  headquarters... n accredited quality system to ISO9001, certified by Lloyd’s, ensures that the high standard of products and services is maintained... Comweld Medical products have earned a strong reputation  EMERGENCY RESUSCITATION Oxy-Viva™ 3  12  R-Viva™  13  Demand Valves & Masks  15  throughout Australia and overseas for reliable performance, excellence in design, long life, quality and  ANALGESIC ADMINISTRATION SYSTEMS  16  durability... OUTLET VALVES Customer needs are of paramount importance to Comweld  For Hospital Medical Gas Systems  18  Medical... ll products are designed to meet the requirements of the customer and are supplied throughout Australia and overseas through an extensive distribution  GENERAL PRODUCTS Accessories & Spares  19  network... ccess to spare parts, service and technical information is also readily available through this distribution network... 1   OXYGEN THERAPY FLOWMETERS EZI-FLOW FLOWMETERS Part No  Gas  Colour White  Rated Air Flow (l/min)  Inlet Pressure  Connections  0-15 l/min  400kPa  S... S Oxygen Handwheel  Inlet  Outlet  515800  Oxygen  Barbed Nipple or 1/4” BSP  515820  Medical Air  Black  0-15 l/min  400kPa  S... S Air Handwheel  Barbed Nipple or 1/4” BSP  515824  Oxygen  White  0-2... l/min  400kPa  S... S... xygen Handwheel  Barbed Nipple or 1/4” BSP  515852  Oxygen  White  0-15 l/min  400kPa  3/8 - 26 WHIT (F)  Barbed Nipple or 1/4” BSP  NOTE: S... S (Sleeve Indexed System Handwheel as per AS2896) ◆  ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆  Provides an accuracy of +/- 5% (of full scale reading) and is pressure compensated to ensure that the flowmeter maintains its accuracy independent of varying gas supply pressures Flow limiting output orifice and fail safe shroud protects the patient from excessive flows in the event of excessive gas pressures Dual taper needle valve prevents damage to the seat and eventual leaks Gas specific inlet fitting to prevent connection to wrong gas type Colour coded inlet fittings, outlet fittings, and control knobs for quick recognition of the gas used by the flowmeter Incorporates durable impact resistant polycarbonate outer and metering tubes The flowtube design provides clear readability with large bold print lines and numbers providing 180˚ visibility Weighs approximately 300 grams  515800  2  Applications: The Ezi-Flow flowmeter is a pressure compensated flowmeter that delivers an accurate prescribed flow to the end user from the gas source... t is suitable for most types of respiratory therapy... pare Parts: Spare Outlet Nut/Nipple, Oxygen (pk of 10) Part No... 15830 Spare Outlet Nut / Nipple, Air (pk of 10)  Part No... 15849  Shroud Kit  Part No... 01827  Control Knob Kit, Oxygen  Part No... 51129  Control Knob Kit, Air  Part No... 51120  515820  515824
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