SERIES-O Medical Gas Regulator

Series -0 Regulator Instructions for Use Issue 04 Sept 2005

Instructions for Use

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110884 Cigweld2... t  7/10/05  11:34 AM  TABLE OF CONTENTS  Page 3  1... INTRODUCTION  Page  These instructions are intended to provide users with information on the features, use and care of the Series-O medical gas regulator... 1...  INTRODUCTION  3  2...  GENERAL DESCRIPTION  3  3...  SAFETY PRECAUTIONS  4  4...  PARTS IDENTIFICATION  5  The instructions should be read carefully by every intended user of a SERIES-O regulator in any of its applications before attempting to use it to ensure that they are fully conversant with all the information on the features, use and care of the regulator... 5...  OPERATIONAL CHECK  6  2... GENERAL DESCRIPTION  6...  EQUIPMENT USE  6  7...  CLEANING  7  8...  EQUIPMENT TESTING  7  9...  SPARES AND ACCESSORIES  8  10...  SPECIFICATIONS  10  11...  SERVICE RECOMMENDATIONS  11  12...  WARRANTY  11  The SERIES-O regulator is intended to be connected to high pressure medical gas cylinders in order to supply medical gases at reduced and regulated pressures similar to those from medical gas pipeline systems... he regulated pressure gas is supplied to medical devices intended for typical applications like Respiratory Therapy, Resuscitation and Suction... 3  The SERIES-O regulator is a reliable, compact, preset single stage regulator... ressure reduction is effected by means of an encapsulated pressure regulating valve, protected by a unique triple filtration system in the high pressure side to protect the regulator and downstream equipment from entry of foreign particles... he SERIES-O regulator does not require user pressure adjustment... t has been factory preset to deliver the outlet pressure specified in AS 2896 or applicable Standard... ince it is always adjusted to deliver outlet pressure, it is essential that it should be connected to the high pressure gas cylinder only when attached downstream devices are fitted with an outlet valve...
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