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Mark III Manometric Perfusion Pump User Manual

User Manual

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MARK III Manometric Perfusion Pump Vertical Deck  Dentsleeve International Ltd... anufactured by Mui Scientific 145 Traders Blvd... ast, Unit 33-34 Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA L4Z 3L3 Tel: (905) 712-8828 Fax: (905) 890-3523 Toll Free: (866) 751-6345 Email: mail@dentsleeve... m Website: www... ntsleeve... m  Handbook September, 2006   Index  Section In  Index  Section A  Overview  A-1  Schematic of pump  A-2  Major pump components  A-3  Air – Water System  Section B  Precautions & Warnings  Section C  Normal Use  C-1  Assembly & filling of perfusate reservoir  C-2  Check, connect & set air supply  C-3  Connection & flushing of water manifold  C-4  Check flow values of each hydraulic resistor  C-5  Turn on water perfusion to fill each transducer  C-6  Transducer calibration (if required)  C-7  Connect catheter to transducers  C-8  Water injection procedure - each channel  C-9  Check flow value for air perfusion manometry  C - 10  Observation & refilling of perfusate reservoir  C - 11  Maintain correct perfusate reservoir pressure  C - 12  Prevention, recognition and correction of hydraulic resistor blockage  C - 13  Compressor  Section D  Steps on completion of measurements  D-1  Perfusate reservoir  D-2  Water manifold  D-3  Air supply  Section E  In  Set Up Procedures & Connection of Components  E-1  Air supply  E-2  Perfusate reservoir prior to first use  E-3  Installation of pressure transducers  E-4  Water perfusion manifold – removal  E-5  Standard hydraulic resistors  E-6  Compact resistors  E-7  Air perfusion circuit  2
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