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530 and 590 Electrosurgical Instruments Operation Manual Sept 2011

Operation Manual

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English  Endoscopes  530/590 Series  OPERATION MANUAL (Electrosurgical Instruments)  Thank you for purchasing our product... ead this manual carefully before use to avoid unexpected accidents, and take full advantage of the product’s capabilities...  Important Safety Information  Important Safety Information 1... arning The items that must be observed for safety when performing endoscopy or electrosurgery are identified by “ WARNING” or “ CAUTION”... ead and understand the warning information carefully, and perform the procedures correctly... WARNING Improper use or operation of the equipment may injure patients, physicians, or people in the vicinity... ead and understand this manual carefully before operating the equipment... mproper operations that will damage only the equipment are identified by “CAUTION”... 2... bout Clinical Procedures This manual assumes that the product will be used by medical specialists who have received proper training in endoscopic procedures... t does not provide information about clinical procedures... egarding clinical procedures, use proper clinical judgment... 3... reatment with Electrosurgical Instruments Before electrosurgery, basic in vitro experiments must be performed to learn how to tighten the snare wire properly and how repeated use affects the cutting quality of instruments... 4... peration of the Endoscope Endoscope is a precision instrument... nnatural force or impact on its insertion portion, flexible portion, or distal end may not only damage the instrument but also injure the inside of the patient... f you encounter any resistance, insert or operate it slowly... o not force it in... 2
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