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User Guide  CW26 Heat exchange coil  Introduction The CW26 is a heat exchange coil designed for use with the Grant OLS26 shaking water bath... Read the whole of the instructions... Designed to be attached to a supply of cooling tap water or refrigerated circulator it enables the OLS26 to be used at temperatures 2°C above the temperature of the coolant... Safety may be impaired if they are not followed... Use this guide together with OLS26 operating manual which is available online at www... antinstruments... m  Getting started  4  Unpack the unit The box contains:       3  CW26 Coil Retaining plate Locking plate 2 thumbscrews  6  3  Retain the packaging for future storage and transport  2  Grant  Installation 1... Remove shaking tray and trolley from the OLS26  2... Place the coil in the base of the bath with the feed pipes at the rear  3... Hold in place with the retaining plate  4... Slide the locking plate onto the bath cam block housing and fasten with the 2 thumbscrews  5... Refit the shaking trolley and tray  6... Plumb the coil to a running water supply or refrigerated circulator using suitable hoses  7... Grant recommend a stainless steel lid LS200 is fitted to reduce heat gain... Operation  Warranty  1... Fill the bath with liquid... or temperatures below 5°C Grant recommend a 50% water and ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) solution... ee OLS26 operating manual for fill level recommendations  When used in accordance with the user instructions this product is guaranteed for 3 years against faulty materials and workmanship... 2... Set the required liquid control temperature using the OLS26 front panel controls  3... Start the coolant circulating through the CW26  4... The bath is ready for use when the bath liquid has reached the control temperature... llow time for the temperature to stabilise  Service Contact: labservice@grantinstruments... m Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd, Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, SG8 6GB, UK www... antinstruments... m 32269 V1 DMN J06
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