Smartdop 45 Service Manual Feb 2005

Service Manual

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080-00094 SD45 SM E-10  H240 Smartdop 45 Service Manual  February 21, 2005 Page 1 / 8  Smartdop 45 Service Manual Note: Only authorized person should perform the repair services.  1. Troubleshooting 1-1. Trouble 1: Doesn't turn on. (1) Is it possible to recharge the battery? If yes, go to next. If no, go to 1-2. (2) After recharging, does the unit turn on? If yes, there is no problem with the unit. (3) Does the unit turn on, when replacing the Upper PCB with good one? If yes, replace the Upper PCB. (4) Does the unit turn on, when replacing the Lower PCB with good one? If yes, replace the Lower PCB. 1-2. Trouble 2: Recharging is not possible. (1) Does the charging indicator turn on when plugging AC adaptor? If yes, go to 1-2-(4). (2) Is the AC adaptor plugged into wall socket? If no, plug it into wall socket. (3) Is recharging possible when replacing the AC adaptor with good one? If yes, replace the AC adaptor. (4) Is the voltage of the power supply 0 V? If yes, cable may be disconnected. replace or repair cable or connector. (5) Full charge life is too short. Discharge and then recharge the battery. If it is same status, the battery is almost dead. (6) The voltage of the battery is less than 6 V after recharging. The battery is not usable. 1-3. Trouble 3: Full charge life is short. (1) Recharging is not possible. If no, go to 1-2. (2) Recharging is possible, but operating time is shot. If yes, replace the battery.   Copy right © 2005 Hadeco, Inc. All rights reserved.
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