iPAD SP1 In-Use Quick Reference Guide

In-Use Quick Reference Guide

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THE iPAD SP1  IN-USE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE  Lift the switch cover and set the adult/ child selection switch to match the casualty... f the casualty is a child, there is no need to use different electrode pads... f it is suspected the casualty is a child aged between 1 and 8 years old, the dual adult/child pads can be used with the switch selection set to the child mode... Stick pads to casualty as illustrated on the pads... he visual indicator on the device will also light up to illustrate where to stick the pads... oice prompts continue: 7... Look closely at the picture on each pad” 8... Peel off the pad labelled ‘1’ and stick to the bare skin of the patient, exactly as shown in the picture” 9... Peel off the pad labelled ‘2’ and stick to the bare skin of the patient, exactly as shown in the picture” 10... Press pads firmly to the skin of the patient”  If a shock has been delivered, the i button will flash blue and can be pressed for CPR voice prompt... he voice prompt is set to guide CPR at a ratio of 30 chest compressions : 2 breaths for 2 minutes... he voice prompt is a beat sound and the word breathe: 22... press the flashing blue i button for CPR voice prompt” 23... beat” (30) 24... breathe” (2)  Press the green on/off button... he voice prompts will start... ollow all the voice prompts... his will commence with a beep, followed by:  Use the AED starter kit to prepare the casualty... oice prompts continue:  A nominated device of the British Heart Foundation  Prepare the device: 6... Tear open the pads packaging”  5... Remove all clothing from chest and stomach... ip clothing if necessary”  1... Call Emergency Medical Services now”... Plug the pads connector in to the device” (pads are usually pre-connected so may not be heard) 3... Adult mode” or “paediatric mode” (this is confirmation of switch selection) 4... follow the voice prompts calmly”  The device will light up to ensure no-one is touching the casualty... he iPAD SP1 will analyse the casualty’s heart rhythm and assess if a shock is necessary... oice prompts continue: 11... Do not touch the patient” 12... Analysing heart rhythm”  If the flashing blue i button was not pressed, during the 2 minutes of CPR, the voice prompts will advise the time remaining until the heart rhythm of the casualty will be re-analysed: 25... re-analysing heart rhythm in 2 minutes” 26... re-analysing heart rhythm in 1 minute” 27... re-analysing heart rhythm in 40 seconds” 28... re-analysing heart rhythm in 20 seconds”  The device will announce whether or not a shock is advised... f shock is advised, there will be a continuous beep and the shock button will flash orange... ress the flashing orange shock button when prompted: 13... shock advised, stand clear” 14... press the orange button now” 15... deliver shock now” 16... shock delivered”  The device will then go through the same process to re-analyse the casualty’s heart rhythm and advise if another shock is advisable or not... If no shock is advised, even if you press the orange shock button, there is no way the device can deliver a shock... oice prompt will say: 17... no shock advised” 18... be sure Emergency Medical Services have been called” 19... you may touch the patient” 20... begin CPR now” 21... press the flashing blue i button for CPR voice prompt”  Continue to follow the voice prompts until medical help arrives... For technical support call  03333 444789  TO RE-ORDER ACCESSORIES PLEASE CALL YOUR SUPPLIER AND QUOTE: 63032 – Disposable battery 63124 – Dual adult/child pads 63040 – AED starter kit 63036 – Indoor alarmed cabinet 63138 – Wall mounting bracket Other accessories available upon request
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