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LightLab Imaging C7 XR Operating Manual Rev B

Operating Manual

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LightLab Imaging C7 XR OCT Imaging System Operation Manual  Operation Manual P/N 14296-01 Rev...    Information provided within this document is subject to change without notice, and although believed to be accurate, LightLab Imaging assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies... ightLab, LightLab Imaging Inc... C7 XR, C7 Dragonfly, and FD-OCT are trademarks of LightLab Imaging, Inc... ll other trademarks are properties of their respective owners... his product is protected under one or more of the following U...  and International patents: 5321501; 6134003; 6445939; 6891984; 7241286; EP 0581871; EP 0883793; EP 1222486; EP 1526800; JP 3479069; JP 3628026... ther U...  and International patents pending...  Copyright 2009, 2010 by LightLab Imaging, Inc... ll rights reserved... eproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior permission is prohibited, except as allowed under copyright laws... ANUFACTURER LightLab Imaging, Inc... UK 1 Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5BW United Kingdom MANUFACTURED AT LightLab Imaging, Inc... ne Technology Park Drive Westford, MA 01886 USA  Phone: Fax: Email:  +44 20 7872 5708 +44 20 8938 6996 lightlab... @regusnet... m  Phone: +1-978-692-1408 Fax: +1-978-692-1409 www... ghtlabimaging... m  Service E-mail: service@lightlabimaging... m REVISION HISTORY September 25, 2009 14296-01  Rev...   March 31, 2010  Rev...   per ECO #646 R... urko Initial release (SW version C... 1) per ECO #802 R... urko Revised for SW version C... 2  Printed in the U... A... AFETY INFORMATION Before using the C7 XR system, read this manual carefully, especially the safety information in Chapter 12 “Safety Information”... ay special attention to the information marked with “Warning” and “Caution” text to the left of the text... arnings alert the user to the possibility of injury, death or other serious adverse reactions... autions alert the user to possible problems with the product, including malfunctions, failures, and/or damage to the product or other property... ARNINGS Electrical Shock Hazard Do not remove C7 XR system covers... o avoid electrical shock, use only the power cord supplied with the system and connect only to properly grounded wall outlets... ee Chapter 2 “System Setup” and Chapter 12 “Safety Information” for electrical safety information... xplosion Hazard Do not operate the C7 XR system in the presence of flammable anesthetics... oing so could lead to an explosion... isible and Invisible Laser Radiation Do not stare into the beam or view the beam directly with optical instruments... oing so may cause serious eye damage and hazardous radiation exposure... ARNING SYMBOLS USED ON THE SYSTEM... efore using the C7 XR system, read this manual carefully, especially the identification of symbols used on the equipment and in this manual in Table 12-1 on page 12-2...
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