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Check the pump totals  Administering a bolus  The totals are set to zero when the pump is switched on, but can be recalled, for example if the pump is being used on the same patient... The pump can deliver a preset amount as a bolus, at the fastest rate for the syringe, or at a rate you enter... he values for bolus dose and bolus time can be entered as part of the programming sequence; or from the Options menu; or entered when you administer the bolus... TVD - total volume delivered - accumulates from one infusion to another PDD - program dose delivered - shows the dose delivered with the current programmed infusion settings since the pump was switched on  Deliver a bolus while the pump is infusing 1... ress  , if a dose has been set up, it is displayed  Check/change the occlusion limit setting You can change the occlusion limit setting before starting the infusion or if you pause the infusion and press OPTIONS... o check the setting, press OPTIONS to display the Options menu 2... ress a number to chooseThe screen shows the current occlusion limit setting 3... f the setting is correct for the infusion, press BACKTo change the occlusion limit, press a number to select low, normal or high, then press ENTER to continue... Medfusion Syringe Pump ™  PVD - program volume delivered, or  Model 3500 Version 3... 6 Quick Reference Guide For complete instructions, warnings and cautions please refer to the Operation Manual  2... ress YES to start delivering the bolus dose as displayed, or press CHG BOLUS to change the dose or time  Set up or change a bolus dose If no bolus has been set up, or if you press CHG BOLUS, the pump displays the bolus dose and time screens, so you can enter the required dose... Start the infusion Switching on  1... he screen displays all the programmed settings... erify that these are correct... ress  1... onnect the pump to the power source  to start the infusion  to switch on the pump, then observe the 2... ress self-test... hen this is complete the pump displays the main menu - the Delivery Mode screen:  3... he running screen displays the occlusion trend graph  To see these bolus screens before starting the infusion, press OPTIONS to display the Options menu, then press the number for If the pump does not turn on with a successful completion of self-tests, remove it from service... 4... bserve the pressure on the occlusion trend graph and watch for any changes  Medfusion and the Smiths Medical design mark are trademarks of the Smiths Medical family of companies... he symbol ® indicates the trademark is registered in the U...  Patent and Trademark Office and certain other countries... 2009 Smiths Medical family of companies... ll rights reserved... /09 193815-SP   Select the delivery mode  Load syringe  Enter the rate for a continuous infusion  The main menu displays the delivery modes and any custom configurations on the pump... his is an example of the main menu:  Follow your standard protocol for preparing the syringe and tubing and filling the syringe... lamp the tubing before you start to load the syringe into the pump... If you select ML / HR as the delivery mode, you must enter the infusion rate once you have loaded the syringe... nter the rate using the numeric keypad  1... ift the barrel clamp and swivel it away from the syringe trough rest it on the handle 1... ress a number on the keypad to select a mode... or example, on the screen above, press 1 to select the ML / HR mode, for continuous infusion... he other options on this example screen are: - enter the volume and time, the pump calculates the rate - enter the rate based on the mcg / kg of patient’s weight / minute - use the program settings and recall the totals from the previous infusion Note: If delivery protocols are programmed into the pump, the libraries are displayed in addition to the delivery modes  2... queeze the plunger release lever and pull it gently to extend the syringe driver 3... lace the syringe into the trough so that the syringe flange is held between the clip and the side of the pump 4... queeze the plunger release lever again and slide the syringe driver to touch the syringe plunger 5... elease the lever, so that the plunger holders close around the syringe plunger 6... urn the barrel clamp and lower it onto the syringe 7... heck that the correct size is displayed on the screen  2... se CLEAR or BACKSPACE to change the value... nd values show the programming The limits... hen the rate is correctly displayed, press ENTER... he limits are calculated by the pump... Prime the system Before you connect to the patient, always use the button to prime the system: - To remove all air from the tubing - To remove the mechanical slack in the pump and syringe, which significantly reduces the start-up time 1... nsure that the tubing is disconnected from the patient and open the clamps 2... ress  Select syringe type  8... hread the tubing through the strain relief hooks and select ENTER to continue  to display the Priming screen  3... ress and hold  to start the flow of fluid  The syringe manufacturers on this screen were setup in Custom Configuration... f only one manufacturer / type has been custom configured on the pump, you do not see this screen... nce you have chosen the delivery mode, the screen displays the syringe manufacturers available on the pump 2... ress a number on the keypad to select the syringe type  Syringe loading - troubleshooting If the syringe is incorrectly loaded, the pump displays arrows to show the problem: check flange clip check plunger check barrel clamp  4... bserve the patient’s end of the system - a steady drip shows that all air has been expelled... elease the button when priming is complete... elect EXIT to leave the Priming screen
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