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Continuum Infusion Disassembly Instructions April 2014

Disassembly Instructions

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Tracking #  Enclosure 2: Disassembly Instructions Medrad® Continuum™ MR Infusion System SAFETY WARNING: Do Not Disassemble Continuum System in MR Scan Room... emove the Continuum system from the MR Scan Room... o not remove the pump from the bracket or the bracket from the IV pole while in the MR Scan Room... o not perform any disassembly of the IV pole while it is in the MR Scan Room... hese pieces contain ferromagnetic material and may be attracted toward the magnet... isassembly Procedure: 1... f using the MR compatible power supply, disconnect it from the bracket... emove the Continuum IV pole with bracket(s) and pump(s) still attached from the MR Scan Room... emove and discard any items hanging from the IV pole... nsure the Continuum Pump is turned off... oosen the telescoping pole adjustment knob and lower the inner pole to the lowest height... e-tighten the adjustment knob... se one hand to hold the counterweight in place... arefully lay the IV pole onto the floor... nsure the bracket(s) do not contact the floor... ontinue holding the counterweight in place... emove the bolt that secures the pole and leg assembly using a 6 mm hex wrench... 0... 1... 2... 3... 4...  Note: The bolt has thread adhesive and may require extra effort to loosen and remove it... et the IV Pole upright on the casters... arefully lift the pole off the leg assembly and place it on a horizontal surface... f the pole has more than one pump/bracket, it will be more difficult to handle when it is removed from the leg assembly... f applicable, remove the fluid cup and holder from the pole... he fluid cup and holder can be discarded... oosen the mounting knob on the lowest bracket and slide it off the open end of the pole... epeat step 11 for each additional bracket... f applicable, remove the syringe holder from the pole... arefully lift the counterweight off the leg assembly...   Note: The counterweight weighs approximately 22 lbs... 10 kg)... bserve proper safety measures when handling the counterweight... Removal of Continuum Accessories Any components and accessories supplied with, or purchased for, the Continuum system will also need to be returned... ccessories include the following:    Non-Wireless Ready Systems  Battery Charger(s) Wireless / Wireless Ready Systems  Non-MR Compatible Power Supply – OR -- MR Compatible Power Supply   Continuum Wireless Remote Display Accessory o Remote Display o Remote Display Power Supply o Remote Display Stand (VESA Mount)    Certo Wireless Network (if used exclusively for Wireless Continuum) o Control Room (CR) Module o Scan Room (SR) Module o External Cisco Access Point (Control Room)  RAD-MR-14-06441  April 2014
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