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Spectris Solaris MR Injection System Quick Tips Aug 2013

Quick Tips

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QuickTips   The following information is intended to be a quick summary of operating instructions for your Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP Injection System and does not constitute a substitute for the full and complete instructions within the Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP Operations Manual, Medrad Document Number 202974 or Mobile Manual: 205580... efer to the Operations Manual for compete instructions and user warnings... Powering Up and Down Power UP: 1... o turn on, lift the clear plastic cover on the back of the Display Control Unit and press the green button A 2... afety screen appears, review information and press continue to proceed to main protocol screen 3... o ensure communication between injector head and display control unit, verify communication icon located on main screen B A  Power DOWN: 1... o turn unit off, lift the clear plastic cover and press green button again  2  Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP QuickTips  B
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