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Automatic Handpiece Cleaning & Lubrication System  OPERATION MANUAL Please read this Operation Manual carefully before use, and file for future reference... OM-E0232E 002 ’09...  M   Thank you for purchasing the Care3 Plus... his product is designed to clean and lubricate the handpiece easily and thouroughly... lease read this Operation Manual carefully before use and file for future reference... Safety Cautions Read these safety precautions before use and operate the product in accordance with this Operation Manual... he indicators are designed to allow you to use the product safely and prevent danger and harm to you and others... hese indicators are classified by degree of danger, damage and seriousness... ll indicators concern safety and you must ensure that they are strictly followed at all times... Classification  Degree of Danger or Damage and Seriousness  DANGER  Explains an instruction where death or serious injury may occur... WARNING  Explains an instruction where personal injury or damage to device may occur... CAUTION  Explains an instruction where the possibility of minor to medium personal injury or damage to device may exist... DANGER · Do not install, use this product or fill it with Maintenance Oil in a room with a risk of explosion or near open flames...  Do not install or use the product in direct sunlight or where the temperature exceeds 40 °C (104 °F)...  Do not use this product for purposes other than the maintenance (cleaning and lubrication) of instruments described in this Operating Manual...  Provide adequate ventilation... f odours cause you concern provide additional ventilation immediately... · When storing the Maintenance Oil keep away from strong oxidizing agents, combustible materials and strong acid chemicals...  The user shall be responsible for operation, maintenance...  Only purchase original NSK replacement parts such as Maintenance Oil (Refer to accessories list)... ny parts other than original NSK accessories could cause damage and malfunction... 1... eatures · Choice of 4 connectors according to individual needs... 0 type : E-type = 0 pce... ir turbine = 3 pcs... 1 type : E-type = 1 pce... ir turbine = 2 pcs... 2 type : E-type = 2 pcs... ir turbine = 1 pce... 3 type : E-type = 3 pcs... ir turbine = 0 pce...  Helps to perform uniform handpiece maintenance and lubrication...  Three handpieces can be cleaned and lubricated simultaneously whilst keeping your hands clean...  Care3 Plus’rotating E-type Connector effectively and efficiently cleans and lubricates Contra Angle Handpieces and Straight Handpieces...  Pressing the AIR Button can purge excess oil from the handpiece/turbine after lubrication and cleaning cycle...  Select the lubrication and cleaning cycle time from Short Mode, Long Mode and Extra Long Mode according to the handpiece...  The mist filters attached behind the Door keeps mist leakage to a minimum... 2... arts Names Oil Fill Cap  Control Panel  WARNING · Do not handle the Power Cord with wet hands as this may result in an electric shock...  Be careful not to spill water onto the Control Unit as this may result in a fire or an electric shock due to a short-circuit...  Do not disassemble or alter the Control Unit... or service or repair contact your authorised dealer...  If the Control Unit smokes or smells of burning, turn off the power immediate and disconnect the power plug... ontact your dealer...  Do not drop the Control Unit... lace the Control Unit on a flat surface...  Use a Fuse of specified rating... 120V: T800mAL250V, 220V/240V: T400mAL250V)  Door  Air Filter  CAUTION · Always autoclave handpieces after cleaning and lubricating with this product...  The system functions normally in an environment where the temperature is at 10- 40°C ( 50-104°F ), humidity at 25-70% RH, atmospheric pressure at 500-1060hPa and no moisture condensation in the Control Unit... se at outside these limits may cause malfunction...  Store the system in a place where the temperature is at -10-50°C ( 14-122°F ), humidity at 10-85% RH, atmospheric pressure at 500-1060 hPa and the Unit is not subject to air with dust, sulfur or salinity...  When installing this product, provide space of approximately 10 cm around the Control Unit...  Place a collector such as a tray under the Control Unit...  After use, immediately turn off the Power Switch and shut off the air supply...  The air supply to this device (Air Compressor etc... and Air Filter need to be clean and free from moisture... rain the Air Compressor and Air Filter at least once a week... oisture from the tank could mix with the Maintenance Oil and defeat the purpose of this device...  Remove the Air Tube and the Power Cord if the Control Unit is not to be used for a long time... 1  Fuse Box  Control Unit Power Switch  Oil Level Gauge  Fig...   2  Power Inlet  Fig...
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