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Care3 Plus Complete Pack Single Rotation Port + Dual Standard Ports  Rotational maintenance system guarantees thorough cleaning and lubrication of each handpiece... MODEL  ORDER CODE  Care3 Plus C1 Type (120V) Care3 Plus C1 Type (230V)  Y141-202 Y141-204  Dual Rotation Ports + Single Standard Port Care3 Plus C2 Type (120V) Care3 Plus C2 Type (230V)  CARE 3 PLUS FROM NSK  Specifications  Y141-203 Y141-205  • • • • •  * *  Power Supply : AC 120V or 230V 50/60Hz Air Pressure : 0... -0... MPa (3... 6 kgf/cm2) Weight : 7... kg (C1 type), 7... kg (C2 type) Dimension : W280 x D275 x H360 mm Solution Tank Capacity : 350 mL  In full tank about 3,500 handpieces (S mode) are cleaned and lubricated... onnects only to Midwest 4-hole type Air piping is necessary (3... 6 kgf/cm2)  AUTOMATIC HANDPIECE CLEANING & LUBRICATION SYSTEM  correct handpiece maintenance - everytime  Contents • • • •  Care3 Plus unit • Power cord with L-shaped plug Maintenance oil (1 litter) Oil replenish funnel with filter • Mist filter set Air tube • Air filter  Low Speed Handpieces  Care3 Plus Adaptors  Low speed handpieces incorporate gearing systems which require extra solution penetration... he NSK rotation system guarantees optimum oil delivery to the internal components of all low speed handpieces, while particles in the coolant water and air channels are removed by the cleaning solution... MODEL  Care3 Plus ADAPTORS  ORDER CODE  MODEL  Care3 Plus ADAPTORS  ORDER CODE  E-Type Adaptor *  For all brands Low Speed Handpieces  Z280-035  SR Adaptor  For Sirona® High Speed Handpieces for Quick Coupling  Z257-023  PTL Adaptor  For High Speed Handpieces for PTL-CL-4HV-T Coupling  Z257-010  WH Adaptor  For W&H® High Speed Handpieces for Roto Quick® Coupling  Z257-021  QD Adaptor  For MACH-QD & CH-QD High Speed Handpieces  Z257-011  BA Adaptor*  For Bien-Air® High Speed Handpieces for Unifix® Coupling  Z280-022  F-Type Adaptor*  For ENDO-MATE TC, DT/ TASKAL Wizard Heads  Z280-042  Oil & Air  High Speed Handpieces  B2/M4 Adaptor  For Borden 2-hole High Speed Handpieces  T904  KV Adaptor  For KaVo® High Speed Handpieces for MULTIflex LUX® Coupling  Z257-020  PRODUCTS  ORDER CODE  MODEL  Z016-117  Air Filter  U508-352  Y900-138  Air Filter Element  U508-353  Y900-159  Fuse (120V) Fuse (230V)  U433-222 U433-223  The critical turbine component, plus all air and water channels of high speed handpieces are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated... For Care3 Plus only... ot applicable with Care3...  Check with the dealer for the adaptors to mount other manufactures’ handpieces... KaVo® and MULTIflex LUX® are registered trademarks of Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH & Co... Germany... irona® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH, Germany... &H® and Roto Quick® are registered trademarks of W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH, Austria... ien-Air ® and Unifix® are registered trademarks of Bien-Air Dental S... , Switzerland... Spare Parts MODEL  Oil & Air  Maintenance Oil (1 Bottle)  (Pack of 6 Bottles)  Mist Filter Set (pack of 12 piecese)  C1 Type  Two types of units are available... Single Rotation Port + Dual Standard Ports  Rotation Port  Standard Port  Oil Replenish Funnel with Filter  C2 Type  Standard Port  Air Tube  Dual Rotation Ports + Single Standard Port  Rotation Port  Rotation Port  ORDER CODE  (1 litter)  Maintenance Oil Set  SELECT  PRODUCTS  (3m)  U433-090  Oil Absorber Sheet (Pack of 20)  Y900-186  U508-038  Standard Port  Powerful Partners®  Specifications are subject to change without notice... PR-D293E Ver...  09...    Simple to Operate  Automatic Care3 Plus Is the Key to Handpiece Durability Fast, user friendly, fully automatic, and economical... 1  Correct maintenance performed at regular intervals is a key to high performance and longer Open the door and attach up to 3 handpieces to the Care3 Plus couplings... life of your handpieces... SK designed easy-to-use Care3 Plus to facilitate handpiece maintenance at your office... are3 Plus automatically cleans and lubricates up to 3  Care3 Plus control panel is easy to understand and simple to operate... handpieces at one time with a touch of button... oth high speed and low speed handpieces  Cycle Selection  are processed thoroughly in a single 2-minute operation cycle... S : Short Cycle for High Speed Handpieces L : Long Cycle for Low Speed Handpieces E : Extra Long Cycle for Speed Reduction Handpieces, etc... Power Indicator  2  After connecting the handpieces, close the door... are3 Plus will not operate if the door is not properly closed... Error Indicator  Air Key Start Key  Air Activation  Easy to Clean  Solution Tank  Air supply is activated by the “Air” key... his enables the operator to flush out all residual solution... With pulling the detachment pin, the front cover can be completely removed for easy cleaning... The solution tank has capacity for maintaining 3,500 handpieces (S Mode) before a refill is required... o refill the tank, simply unscrew the cap on top of the unit and pour in new Care3 Plus solution... 3  Select the S, L, or E mode relevant to each handpiece connection location... S : S mode (Approx... 5 seconds) For high speed handpieces  L : L mode (Approx... 5 seconds) For low speed handpieces  Original Air Filter  Virtually No Mist  Clean air supply is a must for effective handpiece maintenance... SK Care3 Plus comes with a highly efficient air filter that can be exchanged and installed easily wherever you desire... Spray mist is generally absorbed within the Care3 Plus unit by disposable mist filtration system... ilter sponges are easily exchanged... Comes in a pack of 12)  The Oil Level Indicator Oil level indicator is ideally located at the front panel of Care3 Plus unit to clearly show amount of oil in the tank... Power Cord with L-Shaped Plug The power cord with L-shaped plug allows the Care3 Plus to be installed in virtually any surgery location... Accommodates NSK and Other Brands’ Handpieces NSK and all other brands of low speed handpieces connect directly to the coupling supplied... SK high speed handpieces require the PTL adaptor... daptors are available for direct connection of most other brands of high speed handpieces... E : E mode (Approx... 0 seconds) For speed reduction and speed increasing handpieces, etc... *The figures in brackets indicate the clean-lubricate-flush time for a handpiece... 4  Convenient Memory Function Care3 Plus memory system stores and instantly recalls the last operational setting when the power switch is turned on... his memory function eliminates the need to repeatedly preset handpiece maintenance... End-of-Cycle Indicator An audible indicator alerts the operator when the cycle is completed... Press the start key... n less than two minutes, all handpieces are correctly cleaned and lubricated... When one long mode and two short modes are selected...
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