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VarioSurg Operation Manual Feb 2012

Operation Manual

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Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System  OPERATION MANUAL Please read this Operation Manual carefully before use, and file for future reference... OM-E0559E   Thank you for purchasing VarioSurg... his product is for use by dentists and oral surgeons... mplant site preparation, Bone harvesting, Sinus surgery, Osteoplasty, Osteotomy, General oral surgery, Tooth extraction, Syndesmotomy, Tooth avulsion, Periodontal surgery, Cyst surgery... ead this Operation Manual carefully before use for operation instructions and care and maintenance guidelines... eep this Operation Manual for future reference... English  Classification of Devices • Classification by type of protection against electric shock: — Class I devices...  Classification by degree of protection against electric shock: — Applied part type BF...  Classification by sterilization or disinfection method allowed by the manufacturer: — Refer to Sterilization...  Classification by degree of protection against harmful intrusion of liquid based on IEC60529: — Foot Control ··· IPX8 (protected against immersion) • Classification by safety level of use in air, flammable anesthetic gas or dinitrogen monoxide (laughing gas), flammable anesthetic gas: — Not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or oxygen or nitrous dioxide (Without Foot Control) • Classification by mode of operation: — Continuously operating device... Safety Precautions and Indications of Dangerous Items We recommend that prior to using the device; you read carefully the safety precautions in order to operate it correctly... ndications of Dangerous Items is designed so that you can use the product safely, thus obviating any safety hazard or damage to you or others... hey are classified according to their magnitude and emergency degree of safety hazard or damages... s each and every item concerns safety, observe them... lassification  Degree of Danger or Danger and Seriousness  W A R N I N G Explains an instruction where personal injury or physical damage may occur...  A U T I O N Explains an instruction where minor to medium injury or physical damage may occur...  O T I C E Explains an instruction that should be observed for safety reasons... 1... afety precautions prior to use WARNING • Do not plug or unplug the AC Power Cord with wet hands... his could cause electric shock...  Do not use in a room where an explosion might occur... o not use in the vicinity of flammable materials... o not use in the vicinity of a patient who has been administered anesthesia (laughing gas)...  Be careful not to get water or liquid disinfectant on the Control Unit... his could cause short circuits and lead to a fire and/or electric shock... hould any water or liquid disinfectant get on the Control Unit, wipe it off immediately...  Be careful not to give strong shock (dropping, in particular) to a Handpiece... his might break the optics (Optic Handpiece only) or give you an electric shock...  Never touch the connecting part (electric pins) for the Handpiece and Handpiece Cord...  Never attempt to take apart or reconfigure the Control Unit/Handpiece in any method not described in the manual...  Keep away from patients with cardiac pacemakers (There is danger that it may affect the pacemaker)... 1
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