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AH Hose Assemblies Operating & Safety Instructions Issue 5.6 July 2015

Operating & Safety Instructions

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6. Technical Data The gas hose assembles are intended to operate at 4 bar (though they meet the specification to operate up to 56 bar @ 23°C) and are capable of delivering a flow of 40+ LPM (highest range Oxylitre Flowmeter gauge reading is 15 LPM).  Healthcare Equipment  Vacuum: ≤ 60kPa Spare parts will depend on the particular hose assembly variant (again please contact our sales office). Fittings are permanently crimped on. Ensure that all connections are tightened and free of leaks prior to use. Use only an Oxygen-safe leak detector when testing for leaks. Note: Phthalates are used in the manufacture of the flexible hose and packaging is labelled up as such to conform to BS EN 15986:2011 requirements (REACH details are available on request).  Manufactured by:  Oxylitre Limited Morton House Skerton Road Old Trafford Manchester M16 0WJ England  Tel: Fax: email:  (0)161 872 6322 (0)161 848 7914 sales@oxylitre.co.uk  0473  Doc Ref: Issue No: Date:  Page 3  Doc-OP-4701 5.6 2.7.15  AH Hose Assemblies Operating & Safety Instructions
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