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AP Series Ambulance Pipeline Systems Operating & Safety Instructions Issue 5.2 Sept 2013

Operating & Safety Instructions

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Pipeline Inspection (Recommended every 3 months). i. Inspect the condition of the Pipeline for any damage i.e. damage to the probe, tubing, ferrules, outlets etc. ii. Remove any pieces equipment from out of the outlets points. iii. With the Pipeline connected to the Regulator, slowly open the cylinder valve to pressurise the Pipeline system. When pressurised close the valve and observe the Regulator’s contents Gauge for any indication of a pressure drop. If the gauge needle drops, a leak is detected and the Pipeline will require servicing. Cleaning (Recommended every 3 months). i. The Pipeline system requires cleaning on external surfaces only. PVC compatible cleaning Fluid may be used. ii. Avoid cleaning fluid from entering into any Pipeline orifices i.e. Probes, Outlets etc. iii. If cleaning fluid is used, apply cleaning fluid to a cloth/other. Dry immediately with a dry cloth/other after application. iv. DO NOT use any Oil based cleaning fluids (Some soaps are oil based). Service/Repair Servicing should be only carried out by fully qualified technicians. For service enquiries and information, please contact our sales office. NEVER USE FAULTY EQUIPMENT. Preventative maintenance ensures safety for the patient and user. Each system comes complete with a Mfg. 5-year Warranty (with possible extension). Note: Based on MDA/2003/007, it is recommended that hoses are replaced after 5 years.  7. Replacement Parts Terminal Outlet Service Kit: Ref: TUK000 Cylinder Key (Bull Nose): Ref: M202 Cylinder Key (Pin Index): Ref: M223 Tube Retaining Clips: Ref: TRC Change-Over Valve: Ref: AP400 Flowmeters: Ref: F1601/F1650/F1681 Series Regulators: Ref: R1601/R1401 Range Hose & Sleeve: Ref: Hose1 & Hose5/1 (Oxygen) Please Note: Always use Oxylitre Replacements Parts or CE marked products. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h.  8. Technical Data Required Gas supply: i. Oxygen: 4 Bar (58 psi) ii. Air: 4 Bar (58 psi) iii. Entonox: 4 Bar (58 psi) Note: Phthalates are used in the manufacture of the PVC hose/pipeline (details on request).  Manufactured by: Oxylitre Limited Morton House Skerton Road Old Trafford Manchester M16 0WJ England  Tel: Fax: email:  (0)161 872 6322 (0)161 848 7914 sales@oxylitre.co.uk 0473 Doc Ref: Issue No: Date:  Page 3  Doc No: Doc-OP-2801 Issue No: 5.2 Date Issue: 18.9.13  Healthcare Equipment  AP Series Ambulance Pipeline Systems & Accessories Operating & Safety Instructions
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