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F1600 Series Pipeline Flowmeter Operating & Safety Instructions Issue No 2.8 Date May 2013

Operating & Safety Instructions

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8. Warning: (General)  DO NOT use a Flowmeter if any damage has been detected (i.e. any cracks and/or   damage to any plastic components, loose fittings etc). It may cause possible injury when the unit becomes pressurised. Always carry out the test and inspection procedure before use. If a Flowmeter fails the test and inspection the unit will require servicing or repair. The Flowmeter should only be used with the flow tube in an upright position.   9. Technical Data  Specifications a) Single Flowmeter: working pressure: 400 kPa (58psi/4 bar) b) Twin Flowmeter: working pressure: 400 kPa (58psi/4 bar) Inlet Fittings All Single and Twin Flowmeters are available with either a BS Standard Probes or Nut type fitting (AFNOR & DIN fitting are also available). Calibration Range All Flowmeters are factory calibrated to ±10% of the full scale reading. a) Oxygen: 0 to 15 or 0 to 4 LPM b) Medical Air: 0 to15 or 0 to 4 LPM c) Nitrous Oxide: 0 to12 LPM d) Carbon Dioxide: 0 to 12 or 0 to 3 LPM Test Specification a) Required testing pressure: 400 kPa (58psi/4 bar) b) Calibration tolerance: ± 10% c) Leak test: permissible leak: None  Healthcare Equipment F1600 Series Pipeline Flowmeter Operating & Safety Instructions  10. Accessories and Replacement Parts a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h)  Product Code IS1106 IS1140 IS1174 SP554 H110 SP46 (White)/SP46B (Black) FM0001 (Female); FM0002 (Male) SKF6-O2; SKF6-AIR  Adult Oxygen Face Mask: Pediatric Oxygen Face Mask: Delivery Tube: Humidifier Adapter: Humidifier Bottle Assembly: Tubing Nipple: Air Safety Shield: Service Kit  Single Flowmeter with Probe  Note: All devices carry a 7 year warranty and are MR Conditional*.  Manufactured by: Oxylitre Limited Morton House Skerton Road Old Trafford Manchester M16 0WJ England *ASTM F2503-08  Tel: Fax: email:  Air Safety Shield  (0)161 872 6322 (0)161 848 7914 sales@oxylitre.co.uk 0473  Doc Ref: Issue No: Date: Page 3  Twin Flowmeter  Doc-OP-4101 2.8 16.5.13
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