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PRU Series Operating & Safety Instructions Issue 7.6 Nov 2014

Operating & Safety Instructions

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b.  If a PRU is not connected to the Regulator and the Regulator is still connected to the Cylinder, connect the PRU to the Regulator by pushing the Probe on the end of the Hose into the Regulator’s Schrader/S.S.V. Valve and carry out procedure in 8a. Disconnect the Regulator and replace the “Bodok Seal” (Pin Index Regulators) or “O” Ring (Bull Nose Regulators) on the Regulator Inlet Connector. Inspect the Regulator for damage and if no damage is found connect the Regulator to the Cylinder securely as procedure stated in 8a to c. Turn off the Cylinder Valve and observe the Contents Gauges for 2 minutes. If the indicator-needle drops, this will indicate a leak. If a leak is detected, please contact our Sales Department for Service Information. PRU Maintenance and Leakage Test c. By using the Regulator that has passed the test for leakage in 8 a. and b., turn on the supply to the Regulator by turning the Cylinder anti-clockwise. Connect the Probe on the end of the PRU Hose into the Regulator Schrader/S.S.V. Valve. Momentarily press and release the “Flush” Button at the rear if the PRU and then turn off the Cylinder by turning the Valve Clockwise until it stops. Observe the Regulators Contents Gauge for 2 minutes. If the indicator-needle drops, this will indicate a leak. If a leak is detected, please contact our Sales department. Always fit a new Inspiratory/Expiratory Filter for the next patient. The Inspiratory/Expiratory Filter is to be fitted in between the PRU Demand Valve and the Mask/Mouthpiece. Cleaning the PRU d. The PRU can be cleaned by using a solution of luke-warm water and “Dettol” or similar Disinfectant Fluid (use Dettol solution Instructions on “Dettol” Container). Remove the Mask/Mouthpiece and Filter from the PRU. Hold the PRU firmly in one hand and unscrew (anti-clockwise) the White Rear Cap from the PRU. Remove the Main Diaphragm. Unscrew and remove the Dump Valve Cap from the top of the PRU. Hold the PRU upside down so that the Hose is at the top preventing the cleaning solution running down into the Hose. By using a small and smooth Brush/Pipe cleaner or cloth, thoroughly clean out the PRU, Diaphragm and Caps using the cleaning fluid solution. Rinse thoroughly and leave to drip dry or dry with a clean dry cloth. Gently reassemble then function test and leak test as stated in 6.3 and 8c.respectively. A full inspection should be carried out at least annually by qualified personnel only. For Servicing/Maintenance Information please contact the Oxylitre Service Department.  9. Technical Data and Performance (PRU Only) a. b. c.  Input Pressure: Inspiratory Cracking Pressure: Expiratory Resistance:  400 kPa. (Operates: from 280 to 600 kPa’s). up to 0.25 kPa at 10 LPM and up to 1.5 kPa at 200 LPM. up to 0.1 kPa at 12 LPM.  10. Additional/Replacement Parts (Description/Part No.) a. Filter: PRU010 (Box of 50) b. Scavenging Outlet Connector: PRU0-20 c. Case: PRU050* d. Wall Mounting Bracket: PRU003/W e. Adult Mask: 011-4 (Single patient use) f. Adult Mask: 012-4 (Re-usable, Autoclaveable) g. Child Mask: 011-2 (Single patient use) h. Child Mask: 012-2 (Re-usable, Autoclaveable) i. Mouthpiece (Pack of 5): 332555 j. Filter & Mouthpiece: PRU01035 (Box of 50) k. BN “O” Ring: BS110 (Regulator) l. PI Bodok Seal: OX010: (Regulator) Note: Phthalates are used in the manufacture of the flexible hose component (details are available on request). *The carry case is protected with an anti-microbial coating (ÆGIS Microbe Shield)  Manufactured by: Oxylitre Limited Morton House Skerton Road Old Trafford Manchester M16 0WJ England  GMDN 17169 (Demand Valve)  Tel: Fax: email:  (0)161 872 6322 (0)161 848 7914 sales@oxylitre.co.uk  Doc Ref: Issue No: Date: Page 3  0473  Doc No: Doc-Op-4801 Issue No: 7.6 Date Issue: 18.11.14  Healthcare Equipment  PRU Series Demand Valve Unit For use with N2O 50%/O2 50% (Entonox®) Pain Relief Medical Gas  Operating & Safety Instructions
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