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NNT User Manual Rev 08 June 2018

User Manual

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NNT – User Manual  97050191 Rev... 6 01-08-2016  ENGLISH...   EN   USER LICENSE The software, whose Author is and remains the owner for any purpose, is granted to the User as non-exclusive, royalty-free license of indefinite duration... he user license does not include the right to get the software in source code form, or to get the relevant project and logic documentation... herefore the User acknowledges that the Author is and remains unique, exclusive and legitimate holder of all rights: property, copyright and economic use of software and relevant documentation... he User is aware and expressly acknowledges that software products, in general, cannot be developed in order to operate without errors as regards all possible applications and uses, and that updated versions of the Software may introduce new errors not present in the previous version... herefore the User expressly agrees that the Software may contain errors... or this purpose, the User agrees, in his/her interest, to always carry out with due diligence backup copies of files (data and images), to overcome any malfunctions of the Software, as well as of the systems on which it is installed... herefore we recommend to regularly make backup copies of all acquired images... he acceptance of the possibility that the Software may contain errors is a necessary condition for the Author to grant the User the license to use the Software Product... his license gives the sole right to use the Software as End User, in accordance with the rules set out below and according to the additional conditions and warnings contained in this documentation... OTES This document is provided as means of consultation for the user of the program described therein... R S... l... eserves the right to change the contents of this manual without prior notice... o part of this document may be changed, copied, reproduced, distributed, saved on magnetic or optical media, published on websites and other online services without prior written permission of QR S... l... he original version of this manual was written in Italian... ll the other products and trade names mentioned in this document are registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers... he program is manufactured by QR S... l... a company of Cefla s...  Via Selice Provinciale 23/A 40026 Imola (BO) Italy All rights reserved... 2  USER MANUAL  EN
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