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VORTEX-GENIE 2 G560 and G650E Operating Instructions Rev V

Operating Instructions

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SPECIFICATIONS The VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer is classified as "Installation Category 2" Environmental: 0°C - 38°C (32°F - 100°F), 95% Humidity max... ODEL POWER REQUIRED AMPS G560 120V 0...  G560E 230V 0... G560-100V 100V 1... ®  Weight: 4 Kg (8... lb) Base Dimensions: (DxWxH) 165x122x165mm (6... 4... 6... n)  PARTS ASSEMBLY LIST To order parts for the VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer: Contact your local distributor or visit www... ientificindustries... m... lease specify Part No... quantity and electric voltage... Indicator No... Part No... 1  0K-0236-902  Description Bearing Retainer Kit  Indicator No... Part No... 6C  EB-0286-500  2  0K-0236-903  3A  Speed Control 100V  Eccentric Clamp  7  0K-0236-904  Eccentric with Clamp Assembly  318-0510-02  120V Line Cord  8  0K-0236-408  Bottom Closure with Feet Kit  3B  0K-0246-901  230V Line Cord, No Plug  9A  0K-0236-905  Motor 120V Assembly  3C  0K-0256-901  230V Line Cord, Euro Plug  9B  0K-0246-915  Motor 230V Assembly  3D  0K-0266-901  230V Line Cord, British Plug  9C  0K-0286-915  Motor 100V Assembly  3E  0K-0276-901  230V Line Cord, Swiss Plug  10  566-0028-00  Spring, Extension, Eccentric  3F  0K-0286-901  100V Line Cord  11  0M-0236-209  Knob, Push-on  3G  ECP0021  Australian Plug (only)  12  0K-0500-901  3-inch Platform  4  ESP0004  Switch, On/Off/On  13  580-2013-00  Rubber Cover for 3-inch Platform  5  ESP0005  Micro Switch  14  146-3011-00  Pop-off Cup  6A  EPP0005  Speed Control 120V  6B  EB-0246-500  Speed Control 230V  Vortex-Genie is a registered trademark of Scientific Industries © Scientific Industries Inc... 013 ®  Description  U...  Patent No... ,781,487 065-0004-00 Rev...   70 Orville Drive, Bohemia, NY 11716 U... A... 631) 567-4700 • Fax: (631) 567-5896 • Toll Free: 888-850-6208 Customer Service: custsvc@scientificindustries... m www... ientificindustries... m U... Pat... ,781,487; 5,707,861   ®  VORTEX-GENIE mixers are the "Gold Standard" for laboratory mixers... he quality and reliability, that you have come to know so well, are characteristics that are, by design, an integral part of all GENIE™ products... APPLICATIONS The 3-inch Platform accepts single or multiple test tubes, beakers and various flasks... he removable cover, made of thermoplastic rubber, is highly impervious to chemicals... t is, however recommended that spills are blotted quickly... o not attempt to use the 3-inch Platform without the rubber cover... he Pop-off Cup can accommodate tubes of virtually any size or shape from micro tubes to those up to 40mm in diameter and 200mm in length... n most instances, tubes without caps may be mixed with proper speed control... ubes must be capped when potential aerosols may be hazardous... atalog numbers: 0K-0500-902 3-inch Platform with Rubber Cover 0K-0500-901 3-inch Platform without Rubber Cover 580-2013-00 Rubber Cover for 3-inch Platform  OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS We recommend you retain the original packaging for 90 days in case you need to return the product for any reason to your distributor or Scientific Industries... our VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer is supplied with a Pop-off Cup located in the white foam box insert and a 3-inch Platform... fter you unpack your VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer from its protective plastic bag, install either the Pop-off Cup or the 3-inch Platform by first aligning the "flat" part of the mixer shaft with the "flat" part of the attachment... OU MUST PRESS DOWN HARD WITH YOUR HAND UNTIL YOU HEAR THE ATTACHMENT SNAP IN PLACE... his will ensure that the attachment will not come off the mixer during operation... - Plug the cord into a properly grounded, three pronged outlet (120 VAC for the G560 model, 230 VAC for the G560E model and 100V for the G560100V model)...   2... - The VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer has the following modes of operation: 2... - TOUCH MODE: Place the toggle switch in the TOUCH position and set the speed control to any position between 3 and 10...  setting of 3 is least vigorous mixing and 10 is the most vigorous mixing... hen you touch a vessel to the 3-inch Platform or Popoff Cup, the mixer will start automatically... eleasing the pressure on the Platform or Cup will stop the mixer... 2... - HANDS FREE MODE: Place the toggle switch in the ON position and set the speed control to any position between 3 and 10... ands Free mode allows for unattended operation that will continue indefinitely until you stop the mixer by placing the toggle switch into the OFF position... n this mode, you may use any of the accessory attachments available for the VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer... eview instruction No... before attempting to change attachments...   Note: The speed control switch should be set between positions 3 and 10 to enable the mixing action to start... fter the action has started, you may, if desired, reduce the speed below position 3 for the duration of the run... efore re-starting the mixer, re-set the speed control to a setting higher than position 3... - To change accessory mixing attachments, the following sequence is to be followed explicitly... - Turn the power OFF by placing the toggle switch into the OFF position... - Grasp the installed attachment and pull straight up until it releases from the shaft...  technique of lifting the attachment with your finger tips while using your knuckles as a fulcrum will give you the leverage to remove the installed attachment component smoothly... - Hold the part you wish to install so the "flat" part of the shaft is aligned with the "flat" of the receptacle in the attachment... lternatively, you may place the attachment on the shaft and turn it until you feel the "flats" aligning... - Press attachment firmly downward until it "snaps" into place... he VORTEXGENIE 2 Mixer is now ready to use with the newly installed accessory attachment... - With prolonged use, your VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer may become warm to the touch... he motor will radiate a certain amount of heat that will dissipate by the cast zinc housing... AUTION! Do not lift your VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer by its attachment... ll attachments, including the Pop-off Cup and the 3-inch Platform are removable... hey will pop off easily if you lift them, and snap back on again just as easily by aligning the flats and pressing down firmly... AUTION! Failure to follow operating instructions can compromise the user's safety... CARE AND HANDLING Your VORTEX-GENIE 2 Mixer should be given the care normally required for any electrical appliance... void wetting or unnecessary exposure to fumes... he finish can be washed with water (after unplugging) and soap or detergents, using a cloth or sponge... eep the unit clean by immediately blotting any spills... eplacement parts are available through most laboratory equipment distributors or directly from Scientific Industries... efer to "Parts Assembly List" and enclosed multi-fold brochure... AUTION! Unplug from power before cleaning... o not immerse...
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