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Lightwriter Models SLxx series Manual sw ver 5.9 onwards Nov 2009


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Summary ®  • This is a summary of what the Lightwriter can do: read up on the features useful to you — see table of contents, inside front cover. HELP  Type: Result: Sections: Index: Repeat: Print: Quit: DIRECT-MEMORIES  Type: Result: Store: Replace: Erase:  MEM MEM MEM H. Plays the help-file Index. 1 to 9 to go to the section you want. Ø to return to the Index. Press the number again. P to print all sections — make sure that a printer is set up. On/C to escape the help-system. MEM then a letter/number — Words & Phrases such as MEM H are 'suggested examples'. Recalls the memory stored on that key. MEM MEM then a letter or number to store what's on-screen. As 'Store'. You will be warned that there already is a memory on that key. On/C then MEM MEM then the letter or number, then Y (ie, store ‘nothing’).  ABBREVIATION-EXPANSION MEMORIES  Type: Result: Store: Replace: Erase: SPEECH  Type:  SOUNDS  Type: Result: Type: Notes:  CALCULATOR  Type: Result: PRINT  Type: Result: FEATURES  Delete a word: Spell a word: 2nd Conversation: Symbols: Editing: Ports: SETUP SYSTEM  Type: Result: Browse: Change: Spoken: Help: Quit:  SOME USEFUL SETUPS  Speak: Every key Speak: Announce Tremor: Key touch: Key click: Key repeat: Lower case: SmartText: Mem speed:  SPECIAL FUNCTIONS  Type: Result: Browse: Execute: Help: Quit:  MALFUNCTION?  As New: Reset:  dedicated to communication  Code, then Space — eg: NY, S2N, ADDR, ADDR2. Recalls the memory stored on that key-combination — eg: HH=MY NAME IS HENRY HALL [Code]=[Text] or [Text]=[Code], then MEM MEM then +. As 'Store'. You will be warned that there already is a memory on that key. On/C then MEM MEM then + then Y (ie, store ‘nothing’). Any text, then Replay. The Lightwriter® will speak it, if speech is fitted (see rear label). MEM Replay B Buzz B + Buzz B + Buzz etc. Each buzz-sound is played. MEM Replay S S S + Shift-key Buzz-key Shift-key Buzz-key etc. Shift Buzz gives a 2nd 'level of urgency'. On/C then 2+2 then =. 2+2=4. MEM 6 (but if the user has stored a message on MEM 6, use MEM MEM MEM P). Prints the message — make sure that a printer is set up.  MEM-Backspace deletes the last word. Shift-Replay spells the last word. Hold two conversations at the same time! A list of special symbols. Insert/delete/change your on-screen message. Use printer, scan, etc MEM Replay. Enters the setup system. Space or Backspace. + to change the current setup. Replay to speak the current setup. ? for a description of what the current setup does. On/C to escape the setup system - all changes are saved. For education. For the blind. For shaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyy fingers. Change the apparent key-pressure. Select the electronic 'click' on each key. Control the speed of the four repeat-keys. Select UPPER or lower-case. Insert automatic spaces after Fullstops, etc. Choose speed of memory-recall. MEM MEM MEM. Enters the special-functions system. Space or Backspace. Press the displayed key. ? for a description of what the current special-function does. On/C to escape the special-functions system. Clear the display, type BARNWELL, MEM MEM MEM L zero Y to restore factory setups. Hold down the "Off" key for 15 seconds (do this on charge if unsuccessful); your memories will be preserved!
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