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DC-1 Digital Camera Unit Instruction Manual ver April 2003

Instruction Manual

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INSTRUCTION MANUAL  DIGITAL CAMERA UNIT  DC-1   INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Digital Camera Unit DC-1 for the TOPCON Slit Lamp... his instrument has the following features: • Simple operation and high quality digital image • Optimized functions for slit lamp photography • Motion picture capacity for 60 sec max...  Compact body and tidy cable arrangement • Simple control panel operation • Emphasis on computer affinity This Instruction Manual consists of an overview of the basic operations, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance and cleaning of the Digital Camera Unit DC-1... o use the instrument to its best advantage, make sure you read "Safety Indications" and "Safety Cautions... Keep this Instruction Manual within reach for future referencing... PRECAUTIONS • As this instrument is a precision equipment, always use and store it in a normally controlled living environment, including the temperature (10-40ºC), humidity (30-75%) and atmospheric pressure (700-1060hPa)...  Install the instrument securely, without any looseness and play...  Before using the instrument, connect all cables correctly...  Connect the power cable to the slit lamp power supply...  When not using the instrument, power OFF and protect it with the dust cover...  This Instruction Manual does not provide the methods for operating the PC and Microsoft WindowsR... escriptions assume that the user is familiar with the PC and Windows...  For the methods of operation of the PC and Windows, refer to the instruction manuals...  TOPCON shall not bear any responsibility for any effect as a result of using this software and Instruction Manual...  Clinical treatment actions shall be the responsibility of the doctor... OPCON shall bear any responsibility for the result of diagnosis...  Contents of software and the Instruction Manual are subject to future changes without prior notice... DC-1 is a trademark of TOPCON... icrosoft, MS and Windows are trademarks of the US Microsoft Corporation... ntel and Pentium are trademarks of the US Intel Corporation... ther trade names and product names stated here are registered trade names and trademarks of the companies... IFF is a file format developed by the US Microsoft Corporation and the US Aldus Corporation... MP is a file format for bitmap data under Windows specified by the US Microsoft Corporation... PG and JPEG are algorithms for compressed static images standardized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ITU-TS (International Telecommunication Union)... 1
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