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SL-D7 and SL-D8Z Instruction Manual ver Feb 2004

Instruction Manual

60 Pages

INSTRUCTION MANUAL  SLIT LAMP  SL-D7 SL-D8Z   INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Slit Lamp SL-D7, SL-D8Z... This slit lamp is used for the enlargement observation of eyeballs and the parts... his instrument has the following features: • • • •  Various accessories to extend the system Ergonomic cable layout Clear fluorescent cornea observation and photography of cornea Clear eyeground observation and photography by color conversion filter  This Instruction Manual covers an overview of the basic operation, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance and cleaning of the Slit Lamp SL-D7, SL-D8Z... o get the best usage from the instrument, please read “Displays for Safe Use” and “Safety Cautions”... eep this Instruction Manual with the instrument for future reference... PRECAUTIONS WORKING ENVIRONMENT Temperature: 10°C-40°C Humidity: 30-75% (no dewing) Atmospheric Pressure: 700hPa-1,060hPa STORAGE METHOD 1... nvironmental Conditions Temperature: 10°C-40°C Humidity: 30-75% (no dewing) Atmospheric Pressure:700hPa-1,060hPa 2... lace of Storage (1) Protected from water splashes (2) Protected from adverse effects caused by atmospheric pressure, temperature, moisture, ventilation, sunlight, dust, salt content, sulfur, etc... 3) Stable, without slopes, and protected from vibrations, shocks (including transportation), etc... 4) Free of chemicals and gases PREMISSIBLE ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS FOR TRANSPORT AND STORAGE Temperature: -20°C - 50°C Humidity : 10 - 95%  1
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