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SP-1P Instruction Manual ver Aug 2013

Instruction Manual

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USER MANUAL  SPECULAR MICROSCOPE  SP-1P   INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the TOPCON Specular Microscope SP-1P... INTENDED USE / INDICATIONS FOR USE The Topcon Specular Microscope SP-1P is a non-contact ophthalmic microscope, optical pachymeter, and camera intended for examination of the corneal endothelium and for measurement of the thickness of the cornea... FEATURES This instrument features the following: • The position of the touch panel can be adjusted to accommodate the operator's preferred position...  Photography of the corneal endothelium and the measurement of the corneal thickness can be performed...  The auto-alignment function ensures quick and easy measurement and photography...  The cell analysis enables the user to easily get the value of the cell density... PURPOSE OF THIS MANUAL This User Manual provides an overview of the basic operation, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance and cleaning of the TOPCON Specular Microscope SP-1P... o get the best use of the instrument, read Safety Displays and Safety Cautions... eep this Manual at hand for future reference...  Since this product is a precision instrument, always use and keep it in a normally controlled living environment, within a temperature range of 10-40°C, humidity levels between 30-90% and an atmospheric pressure range of 700hPa-1,060hPa...  The instrument should also be placed away from direct sunlight...  To ensure smooth operation, install the instrument on a level floor free of vibrations... lso, do not place anything on the instrument...  Connect all cables properly before using...  Use the power at a rated voltage...  When not in use, switch off the power source and apply the rubber cap and dust cover...  For accurate Photographing image, take care to keep the Photographing window clean and free of fingerprints, spots and dust... CAUTION] Federal laws restricts this device to the sale by or on the order of a physician... 1
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