Valleylab EZ series

Force EZ-8C Users Guide June 2008

User's Guide

102 Pages

Table of Contents Foreword  ii  Conventions Used in this Guide Warranty  iii  iv  Chapter 1... ntroducing the Force EZ-8C Electrosurgical Generator Instant Response Technology 1-2 Bipolar Modes  1-3  Monopolar Cut and Coag Modes Cut Modes  1-3  1-3  Coag Modes  1-3  REM Contact Quality Monitoring System How the REM System Works  1-4  1-4  Electrodes Without the REM Safety Feature Special Features  1-4  1-5  Desiccate Coag Settings 1-5 Fulgurate Coag Settings  1-5  Recall of Most Recently Used Modes and Power Settings Original Default Settings  1-5  1-6  Chapter 2... ontrols, Indicators, and Receptacles Front Panel  2-2  Bipolar Controls  2-3  Bipolar Instrument Receptacle  2-4  Footswitch Receptacle, Button, and Indicators Monopolar Cut Controls Monopolar Coag Controls  2-4  2-5 2-6  Monopolar Instrument Receptacles  2-7  Monopolar Footswitching Accessory Receptacle  2-7  Monopolar Footswitching or Handswitching Instrument Receptacle REM Alarm Indicator Rear Panel  2-7  2-7  2-8  Footswitch Receptacles 2-9 Monopolar Footswitch Receptacle Bipolar Footswitch Receptacle Power Entry Module  2-9  2-9  Activation Tone Volume Control Option Panel  2-9  2-9  2-10  Chapter 3... atient and Operating Room Safety General  3-2  Fire/Explosion  vi  3-3  Force EZ-8C User’s Guide
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