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SurgiStat II Service Manual Aug 2006

Service Manual

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Service Manual  SurgiStat™ II Electrosurgical Generator   Preface This Service Manual and the equipment it describes are for qualified technicians who maintain the SurgiStat™ II Electrosurgical Generator... dditional user information is available in the SurgiStat™ II User’s Guide... his document covers technical descriptions of the SurgiStat™ II generator, including its physical appearance, all operator controls and indications, operational specifications, component functional descriptions (module level), diagrams of the electronic circuits used, and troubleshooting guidelines (with chart comparisons)... he SurgiStat™ II was constructed with the highest quality components and was built in an ISO 9000 registered environment... n the unlikely event that your generator fails within one year of purchase date, Valleylab will warranty the product and effect factory repairs... lease refer to Section 8, Repair Policies and Procedures for what is covered, how long, and how to obtain a Return Authorization Number... aution Federal (USA) laws restrict this device to sale by or on the order of a physician... Equipment covered in this manual  SurgiStat™ II Electrosurgical Generator (120 VAC Model) Surg II-20 SurgiStat™ II Electrosurgical Generator (240 VAC Model) Surg II-8 SurgiStat™ II Electrosurgical Generator (100 VAC Model) Surg II-J Valleylab Part Number 1003626 Effective Date August 2006 Trademark acknowledgements  Valleylab™, ForceTriad™, Force FX™, Force EZ™, Force Argon™, LigaSure™, LigaSmart™, Smart™, Cool-Tip™, TissuFect™, REM™, RFG-3C™, OptiMumm™, SurgiStat™, EDGE™, AccuVac™, PolyHesive™, and Instant Response™ are trademarks of Valleylab... anufactured for  Valleylab a division of Tyco Healthcare Group LP Boulder, Colorado 80301-3299 USA For information call  1-303-530-2300 European representative  Tyco Healthcare UK Ltd... osport, PO13 0AS, UK Made in USA Printed in USA ©2006 Valleylab All rights reserved... ii  SurgiStat II Service Manual
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