Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series

Vital Signs Monitor Series 300 Directions of Use Software Version 1.2x Masimo

Directions of Use

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Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series  Directions for Use Software version 1...    ii  Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series  Copyright 2005 Welch Allyn... ll rights are reserved... o one is permitted to reproduce or duplicate, in any form, this manual or any part thereof without permission from Welch Allyn... elch Allyn assumes no responsibility for any injury to anyone, or for any illegal or improper use of the product, that may result from failure to use this product in accordance with the instructions, cautions, warnings, or statement of intended use published in this manual... elch Allyn® and Flexible Monitoring® are registered trademarks of Welch Allyn... lexNet™ is a trademark of Welch Allyn... ET®, LNOP®, and Masimo® are registered trademarks of Masimo Corporation... ossession or purchase of a Masimo SpO2-equipped monitor does not convey any express or implied license to use the device with unauthorized sensors or cables which would, alone or in combination with this device, fall within the scope of one or more of the patents relating to this device... oftware in this product is Copyright 2005 Welch Allyn or its vendors... ll rights are reserved... he software is protected by United States of America copyright laws and international treaty provisions applicable worldwide... nder such laws, the licensee is entitled to use the copy of the software incorporated with this instrument as intended in the operation of the product in which it is embedded... he software may not be copied, decompiled, reverse-engineered, disassembled or otherwise reduced to human-perceivable form... his is not a sale of the software or any copy of the software; all right, title and ownership of the software remains with Welch Allyn or its vendors... or information about any Welch Allyn product, please call Welch Allyn Technical Support: USA + 1 315 685 4560 800 535 6663 Canada 800 561 8797  Australia + 61 29 638 3000 800 074 793 China + 86 216 327 9631  European Call Center + 353 46 906 7790  France + 33 15 569 5849  Germany + 49 747 792 7186  Japan + 81 33 219 0071  Latin America + 1 305 669 9003 Singapore + 65 6419 8100 United Kingdom + 44 207 365 6780  Reorder Part Number 810-2250-XX Manual Part Number 810-2222-01 Rev A, 02/2006 Welch Allyn 8500 SW Creekside Place Beaverton, Oregon 97008-7107 www... nitoring... lchallyn... m Printed in USA  Netherlands + 31 15 750 5000 South Africa + 27 11 777 7555 Sweden + 46 85 853 6551
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