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Important Accreditations and Compliance Information

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AS/NZS 2500:2004 requirements
5.4 Documentation

A prime responsibility of the administration of a health care facility is to ensure that proper and adequate documentation systems are established and observed. Such systems should include (but not necessarily be limited to) the following:

c) Supply and availability of equipment documentation, including operating instructions, service records, fault reports, hazard tags.
5.5.3 Operator instructions

Most equipment requires some operator proficiency. Formal instruction of staff in operation of equipment should be performed, particularly when new staff or new equipment is concerned. User manuals, written in English and in terms acceptable to the user, should be available to the user at all times, near the equipment. Colour illustrations should not be relied upon as the sole means of identifying or clarifying important instructions or warnings.

Guide to the safe use of electricity in patient care cover
AS/NZS 4187:2014 requirements
a) Complete a gap analysis to determine the current level of compliance and document the findings. Access to the standard and relevant references outlined in AS/NZ 4187:2014 are also necessary to ensure that the health service organisation's action plan is compre- hensive and addresses gaps within the organi- sation. Without access to these references the health service organisation cannot adequately assess gaps and can therefore not adequately plan for them.
b) Develop and document a detailed implementation plan using quality improvement principles specifying timeframes, milestones and deliverables to enable full implementation of AS/NZS 4187:2014 over a five year period, from December 2016.
c) Implement the plan and demonstrate progress toward implementation.
Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health organisations cover
Action 3.16.1 of the NSQHS Standards:
Compliance with relevant national or international standards and manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of reusable instruments and devices is regularly monitored.
NSQHS Standards (second edition) cover
MHRA Managing Medical Devices April 2015 Guidance for healthcare and social services organisations
7.1 Instructions for Use
Clear responsibilities should exist for ensuring that the manufacturer’s instructions are passed on to all users
Managing Medical Devices cover
CQC Care Quality Commission Regulation 15: Premises and equipment
There should be suitable arrangements for the purchase, service, maintenance, renewal and replacement of premises (including grounds) and equipment. These arrangements must make sure that they meet the requirements of current legislation and guidance, manufacturers' instructions and the provider's policies or procedures.
All equipment must be used, stored and maintained in line with manufacturers' instructions. It should only be used for its intended purpose and by the person for whom is it provided.
CQC Regulation 15 Premises and Equipment site
CQC Care Quality Commission Standardisation
An organisation-wide equipment and medical devices management policy that covers: acquisition, record-keeping and equipment inventories; availability of manufacturers' instructions for use; training; repair and maintenance; single use devices use; decommissioning; disposal and actions required on manufacturers' corrective action notices.
CQC Supporting note Standardisation

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