3M Clean-Trace LM1 Luminator User Manual June 2016

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EN (English) LIMITATION OF LIABILITY  UNLESS PROHIBITED BY LAW, 3M WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO USER OR OTHERS FOR ANY OTHER DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING, FOR EXAMPLE, LOST PROFITS, BUSINESS, INVESTMENTS, OR OPPORTUNITIES EVEN IF 3M HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. The parties agree that 3M’s total cumulative liability to User for direct damages for all causes shall not exceed One Hundred Dollars, or the price paid for the Hardware, whichever is higher. Some states or countries may have laws which require liability rights different from those stated above. In such state or countries, the minimum required liability terms shall apply. To request service, you must request a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number from the service center. Please call 1-800-328-1671.  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Using ATP Detection for Hygiene Monitoring and Management The 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring and Management System consists of the following: 3M Clean-Trace Luminometer, 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Tests, and 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Management Software. This system is used to detect ATP on surfaces or in water samples to measure levels of contamination for the purpose of hygiene monitoring and management. The detection technology used is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence. ATP is present in all animal and vegetable material, including most food debris, living and dead bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. The 3M Clean‑Trace Tests use Luciferin/Luciferase enzyme to produce light that is proportional to the amount of ATP present. The 3M Clean‑Trace Luminometer measures the intensity of the light emitted from a sample, and it displays the test result in Relative Light Units (RLU). Users do a validation study on their surface or water samples to determine the RLU test result pass, caution and fail thresholds. The rapid test results provided by the 3M Clean‑Trace Luminometer allow users to take immediate remedial action in response to a fail test result. The Test Point with a fail test result can be re-cleaned and retested before production, ensuring that hygiene management goals are achieved. The results provide data that can be used in part to make the decision to begin food or beverage production. Read the Instructions for Use documents for 3M Clean‑Trace Tests before using them along with a 3M Clean‑Trace Luminometer.  USING THIS MANUAL  1. The 3M Clean‑Trace Luminometer User Manual is provided in electronic format only. There are two ways to access it: • Click Help ?  on the menu bar in the 3M Clean‑Trace Hygiene Management Software, then click [User Manual].  • Go to www.3M.com/CleanTraceLM1manual 2. Click any heading in the Table of Contents to immediately go to that section, or scroll or page through the User Manual to the desired section. 3. 3M Clean‑Trace Software updates will include updates to this User Manual, which will automatically be installed along with the software updates. 4. This User Manual describes the operation and behavior of the 3M Clean-Trace Luminometer. It is organized so that you can search the Table of Contents for a specific task and follow step-by-step instructions. 5. In the step-by-step instructions for using the software, the following style guidelines were used: a. Italic type is the name of a section in this User Manual. b. Bold type is the exact text for a term that appears on a screen. c. [Bold type with brackets] is the name of a button that you can tap or select using the cursor control button on a screen.  3
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