3M Ranger Model 145 Maintenance Guide Sept 2014

Maintenance Guide

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™ Ranger™ Pressure Infusor Model 145 Maintenance Guide Preventative Maintenance... 1 Inspection Checklist ... 4 Replacement Instructions... 5 Guidance and Manufacturer’s Declaration - Electromagnetic Emissions ... 7  About this Maintenance Guide  This maintenance guide describes the maintenance of the 3M™ Ranger™ pressure infusor. This maintenance guide and the Ranger pressure infusor are to be used only by individuals trained in the healthcare and biomedical professions. Read and follow all instructions, labeling, and accompanying documents supplied with this medical device. Failure to follow instructions could lead to misuse of the device or device malfunction.  Preventative Maintenance 1  Visual inspection  Carefully inspect the Ranger pressure infusor for signs of damage. For a list of recommended inspections and instructions see the “Inspection Checklist” on page 4.  2  Cleaning the Ranger pressure infusor  Service frequency  Clean the Ranger pressure infusor unit on an as-needed basis or according to institutional protocol. NOTICE: • Do not immerse the pressure infusor or use a dripping wet cloth for cleaning. Moisture may seep inside the device and damage the electrical components. Clean the pressure infusor exterior with a soft cloth using plain water or a mild, all-purpose or nonabrasive cleaner. • Do not spray cleaning solutions on to the pressure infusor. Damage to the pressure infusor may occur.  Cleaning the Ranger pressure infusor and cord  Clean the Ranger pressure infusor on an as-needed basis or per facility policies and procedures for cleaning electronic equipment. 1. Disconnect power supply from power outlet. 2. Use a slightly damp soft cloth moistened with a mild, nonabrasive cleaning solution or disinfectant to clean the device surfaces and cord. Avoid getting liquid into electronic ports. 3. Dry with a separate soft cloth.  1  MAGENTA  YELLOW  BLACK  34-8715-3543-0  SILVER  PMS 5265 C  PDF Scaled at 100.0%  CYAN
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