3M Ranger Pressure Quick Start Guide Oct 2013

Quick Start Guide

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3M™ Ranger™ Pressure Infusor  Quick  Start Guide Refer to the Operator’s Manual for warnings, instructions and other information related to this product.  Instructions For Use 1. Locate the main power switch on the underside of the base of unit (as shown). Turn the unit ON.  Main power switch  Power entry module 3M Ranger ™  ™  Pressure Infusor  2. Verify pressure range visual alerts (“Low”, “High”, “in Range”) on control panel turn ON. after two seconds, turn off. 3. Verify Start/Stop button indicators on control panel change to Standby mode (amber).  High  In Range  Low  High  300 mmHg  In Range  Low  Start /Stop buttons  4. Prepare warming unit, warming set and spike fluid bags. 5. Open pressure infusor door and slide fluid bag into infusor chamber ensuring bag port and spike hang below the metal retaining fingers. 6. Securely close and latch the pressure infusor door.
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