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BVS5000 and AB5000 System Cannulation Guide Rev C

System Cannulation Guide

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BVS® 5000/AB5000™ Systems Cannulation Guide 1... elect Cannulation Locations Most common locations are listed below Support Side  Location  Cannula Size  Advantage  Left-Inflow  Left Atrium - Interatrial Groove  Most common for left atrial placement  Left-Inflow  Right Superior Pulmonary Vein  Ease of insertion and removal  Left-Inflow  Left Ventricular Apex  Maintains blood flow across prosthetic valves Off-loads left ventricle and LV Chamber  Left-Outflow  Anterolateral aspect of the Ascending Aorta  N/A  Right-Inflow  Right Atrium Mid Free Wall  Most common for right-side support  Right-Outflow  Pulmonary Artery  N/A  Cannulation Tips:  42F - 32F 32F 42F - 32F  10mm 42F - 32F 10mm  • Inflow refers to blood from the patient into the VAD • Outflow refers to blood from the VAD back to the patient • Place pledgeted double purse string sutures around the desired cannulation site • Pericardial patches or large Teflon® pledgets and 2-0 or 3-0 polypropylene sutures are recommended  • Bevel Hemashield® outflow graft at 30 degrees; 3-0 or 4-0 polypropylene sutures are recommended • Consider the use of surgical glue at arterial site to reduce bleeding • Externalize cannula before cannula implantation (see graphic in Step 2 for exit sites)  2... elect Cannula Exit Location Plan for AB5000 Closed Chest Transition  Plan cannula exit sites during BVS Blood Pump implant to facilitate transition to AB5000™ Ventricle  Maintain VAD inflow cannula to left of outflow cannula  RVAD LVAD  3... annulation Consideration  AB5000 Connection Guidelines  Assess cannula placement  Cut cannula end perpendicular to the long axis  Apply sterile lubricant to threaded section  Cannula  Cannula Exit Site  • Before closing the chest, record hemodynamics and VAD operating parameters • Approximate chest, and note any changes in hemodynamics and VAD operating parameters • If hemodynamics or VAD operating parameters change, assess cannula positioning • TEE should be used to evaluate cannula inflow with a target velocity of < 400cm/sec...  Cannula should exit patient parallel to each other and spaced ~ 4... cm apart to match AB5000 Ventricle • If needed, use supplied tubing extensions • Ensure restraints are properly secured • Use the white threaded cannula restraint marked with a red arrow with the Hemashield ® outflow cannula; use white cannula restraint without red arrow for inflow cannula  LVAD  RVAD  4... cm Cannula  (b)  1-2 mm gap when restraint fully seated  Fully seat cannula end to the bottom of barb  (c) (a)  • Apply sterile lubricant (provided) to: (a) threads located on restraint inner diameter; (b) matching threads at base of connector barb; (c) outside of cannula • DO NOT allow lubricant to contact the outside or inside of connector barb or the inside of cannula  ABIOMED 24-HOUR SUPPORT 800-422-8666  For more information on the BVS® 5000 / AB5000TM Systems see: http://www... iomed... m/clinical_information/ifus_manuals... m 0505-2609 Rev...
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