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Medical Gas Cylinder Opening and Closing an Integral Valve Guide


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Medical gas cylinder - Opening and Closing an Integral Valve Using Fir Tree outlet with Tube connection:  1  Ensure the FLOW SELECTOR Dial is set to zero before opening the valve or connecting any equipment.  2  If using the FIR TREE FLOW OUTLET remove the tamper evident cover and connect the tubing to the fir tree outlet, making sure that it is securely fitted.  3  Open the ON/OFF valve slowly.  Flow Selector Fir Tree flow outlet On/Off Valve  4  Select the prescribed flow on the flow selector (0 to 15) by turning the FLOW SELECTOR Dial.  5  Check there is a flow of gas from the end of the tubing.  Content Gauge  Always operate by hand only and do not use any additional tools such as spanners, pliers etc. to. operate cylinders WARNING: Do not smoke or use naked flames near medical gases. Ensure that medical gas cylinders are kept free of oils or greases.  For further information please call us on 0800 637737 or email:  When handling gas cylinders ensure your hands are clean. If you have used an alcohol gel on your hands, make sure that it has fully evaporated before handling the cylinder. When creams are necessary, only use approved water based creams. Check you have the correct medical gas for the patient; read the label and take heed of the safety information. If you require additional information ask your healthcare professional for the patient information leaflet and/or contact the gas supplier. Ensure that the gas within the cylinder is within its expiry date; this is detailed on the batch label. Always use the cylinder with the earliest expiry date first.
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